Chapter 19.

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"So, you didn't speak with him?" Rey asked.

Finn hung his head, his silence was the only confirmation Rey needed.

The pair were back at the entrance of the base, recapping their side of what happened.

"No. He does look pretty scary. I didn't want to talk to him unless he started coming back, which he didn't. Rey, he was eyeing the ships pretty hard. Think he'll be try to make an escape?" Finn asked, studying her face.

Rey sighed, without a doubt she knew Sano would be trying to leave, she just didn't know when, and she could only guess he was trying to get to Cinnon'Ra, for whatever reason. She was determined to find out his ties to the knights of Ren. From what Flora and Kai told her of the place, it wasn't somewhere one would go for a vacation, or to start over for that matter.

"Yes, without a doubt. I wasn't able to find what I needed."

"Better get it before he leaves." Finn said as Rey's headache grew. Sighing again as she looked up to meet his eyes, the familiar buzz surrounded her as the force bond connected her and Kylo, who stood a few feet behind Finn.

Rey's eyes widened and Finn moved his head so that she was looking at him directly instead of past him.

"Hey, you okay?" He asked, his hand touching her arm, Kylo coming back into view.

Kylo's eyes squinted into a glare as he watched the traitor, able to see him now that he was touching Rey. A sudden fury exploded in his abdomen, surprising him. He wasn't sure if he was more upset that the traitor was there, or if it was the traitor touching Rey.

"Uh-um, yes. I have to go. Thank you for everything, I truly appreciate it Finn." Rey said, brushing past him and Kylo. She quickly walked into the forest, knowing that Kylo was following her, until she felt him stop a few feet back.

She looked at him curiously. "Why did you stop?"

Kylo looked around blankly. "I'm in the corner of the prisoner barracks, no more room to walk."

Sighing, Rey nodded as glanced around, making sure no one else was around. Looking back to Kylo, she steadied her breath.

"I need that crystal back." She said, her tone quiet yet assertive.

Kylo straightened, his body language told her he was gearing up for a fight, and she took a step forward, making him still.

Looking him dead in his eyes, she channeled the warmth of the force, falling evenly into the steady rhythm of the life and decay around her, focusing her energy and concentration on him.

"You will hand over my kyber crystal." Rey said, her tone angelic, softer than he ever heard it.

For a moment, Kylo was entrapped there, his body frozen, his blood warm, the air around him stilled. His mind was calm, for the first time since he was a child. His hand twitched to move along the inside of his cape, itching to grab hold of the crystal that lay hidden there.

Her eyes were so dream-like...Inviting him...a mix of warmth and even balance...and her voice, the softness was welco-

At that moment, his mind was heavy again, his body went back to being tense.

Kylo glared at her as he realized she tried to mind trick him.

Rey's eyes widened when she saw the trick didn't work, equally disappointed yet not fully surprised, knowing his mind was not as weak as any others.

Her mouth moved into a tight line, her jaw tense.

"You'll have to try harder than that, scavenger." He snarled at her.

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