Small Group Chat (D, A, and C) - Stuck

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Camila:  Guys... I need some help.

Dinah: What did ya do now?

Ally: Camila, I love you, but you're a fucking idiot.

Dinah: *gasp* Ally you just swore!

Ally: No shit.

Camila: Hey shut up! I need help here!

Ally: What's going on?

Camila: I got my hair stuck...

Dinah: Where?

Ally: How?

Camila: In a... blender. I was making a banana smoothie.

Ally: So you decided to stick your head in it?

Camila: It was an accident!

Ally: Well, stick your head in a little more and turn it back on!

Dinah: Ally! What has gotten into you!?

Ally: Nothing! That's my problem.

Dinah: Oooooh, Ally needs to get laiddddd.

Camila: Hey! I don't really care about Ally's sex life right now! I'm being eaten by a blender!

Dinah: Hey blender! Don't eat Camila, that's Lauren's job!

Ally: haha, nice one.

Camila: Not funny Dinah! I can't move!

Dinah: Okay, okay, stop freaking out. We're on our way.  Once we get your stupid hair unstuck, we're going dick hunting for Ally ;) 

Ally: Oh boy...

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