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Writing On The Wall - Text Fic (Camren) by WritingByMonroe
Writing On The Wall - Text Fic (Ca...by WritingByMonroe
It said "Call Lauren for a Good Time" and under the writing on the wall was a number
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By My Side // Dinah x You by lauready
By My Side // Dinah x Youby evan
No matter what happens, you'll be by her side. Dinah/You high school AU. Heavily featuring other 5h members.
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Music Is My Medicine by Benvoliopeanutbutter
Music Is My Medicineby Secret Agent Donut
Camila is on tour with the girls but she has a secret. She has cancer. But not telling the girls is just causing more problems. Will she be able to handle the pressure...
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The Bet on Camila (Camren)  by Fallen_Angel_1975
The Bet on Camila (Camren) by Fallen_Angel_1975
Lauren Jauregui was the most popular student at Freedmont High. She was class president, head of student council and the star basketball player. There is just one flaw...
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CAMILA/YOU by ThisLove_97
CAMILA/YOUby CamilizerToTheMoon❤☺😌
Shattered ~ Fifth Harmony Ageplay ~ by Mutilated_Mind
Shattered ~ Fifth Harmony Ageplay ~by Mutilated_Mind
Little Lauren..
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A Different Kid [5H Kidfic] by tamarbraxxtonn
A Different Kid [5H Kidfic]by FinahJane👅💦
Camila isn't your typical 9 year old. In her small mind, she's different. She doesn't like being different. She wants to be normal. Normal to other people is boring but...
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Pretty little harmony  by epicwolf727
Pretty little harmony by Epicwolf727
This story is about the pretty little liars girls and fifth harmony Fifth harmony are the kid of the pretty little liars girl. Ally kid of Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz...
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Fallen In Love - Lauren/You by A_Hot_Mess
Fallen In Love - Lauren/Youby A_Hot_Mess
Sequel to 'Falling In Love With You'. Y/N Y/LN has just been signed. She has an EP relased and it is blowing up. She has been recording for her new album. She has a few...
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Princess - Fifth Harmony Ageplay by sickdesires
Princess - Fifth Harmony Ageplayby sickdesires
The girls of Fifth Harmony have always seen Camila as the 'baby' of the group. One day, they decide to take it even further. Warning: Forced Ageplay
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"The Unwanted Wife" (Camren version) by eclipse1976
"The Unwanted Wife" (Camren versio...by 🌝🌗🌚
Lauren G!P ♪\(*^▽^*)/\(*^▽^*)/ Hey guys!!! well, i've decided to make one of my favorite book into a Camren Fanfic. i didn't create this book and i take no credits for i...
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The Band Geek || Camren by Wonders_25
The Band Geek || Camrenby Wonders_25
" At least things can't get any worse... Or better?" Lauren thought. Oh was she wrong. Camila practically jumped on her lap, basically straddling Lauren on the...
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Take Our Hands, We'll Never Let You Fall by battlecry7473
Take Our Hands, We'll Never Let Yo...by battlecry7473
Ally just wants a place to call home and people to love her. Normani, Lauren, and Dinah just might be able to give that to her. *Contains consensual, non-sexual age pla...
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Finally Found by RealBJ
Finally Foundby RealBJ
A 19 year old boy has had a really rough past to get over. He is lost in his life and he is alone. He tries to act tough on the outside to try to protect himself from o...
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Another 5H texting fic I can't be bothered to name properly by battlecry7473
Another 5H texting fic I can't be...by battlecry7473
Normani and Camila are gay and in love. Dinah and Ally are in love with Lauren. Lauren is just a confused puppy. Literally what the title says. AU, they aren't famous. ...
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I'm not gonna leave you (Kidfic) by Benvoliopeanutbutter
I'm not gonna leave you (Kidfic)by Secret Agent Donut
Lauren Jauregui (18) and Camila Jauregui (3) sisters from Miami. Both of their parents were killed in a car wreck and Lauren is left to take care of her baby sister. Goi...
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Shawmila/5H  by Fifth_HarmonyOT5
Shawmila/5H by Fifth_HarmonyOT5
This is a Shawmila/5H fanfic! Hope you enjoy
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C.C. // Imagines by laflamewrld
C.C. // Imaginesby 4lYks!
Some imagines about y/n and Camila Apologies for any errors and you can make requests. G!P gxg
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Shy But Sweet (Camren) by CabelloIsMyBaeHoe
Shy But Sweet (Camren)by CamrenSoul
Camila is a girl that you barely notice around the halls, and you wouldn't notice her because she doesn't socialize. But one day she's in the girls bathroom and someone...
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I Don't Know You  Dinah/Male  by WilcoxBaby_
I Don't Know You Dinah/Male by ×
Dinah/Male text fic..
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