Group Chat - Missing and Kissing

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Lauren: Guys... Are you awake?

Lauren: Hello?

Lauren: AnSwEr pLeaSe!

Normani: What do you want!?

Camila: I just frickin' fell asleep! Why you wakin' me up?

Ally: What's going on?

Lauren: Dinah is missing...

Normani: What do you mean?

Lauren: She's not in the tour bus. I don't know where she is.

Ally: I just checked. Lauren's right, she's not here.

Camila: Where would she have gone at 2am?

Lauren: Beats me.

Ally: I honestly don't know either.

Normani: Well, let's go huntin'.

Lauren: Please never say that again.

Ally: Yeah, you made it weird. Seems like we're gonna kill her or something.

Camila: I might kill her. Frickin' making me search for her stupid ass at 2am.

Normani: Oml, let's just go.

Lauren: Well, she's not over here.

Camila: Yeah, I even searched behind the dumpsters. Thought she might be there, y'know.. cause she's trash. 

Ally: Will you stop hating on her?

Camila: Who are we looking for in a creepy truck stop at 2am? Ms. Dinah Jane Hansen.

Normani: Will y'all get over here. I think I found a clue...

Lauren: Who's car is that?

Ally: I don't know. There's only supposed to be trucks, buses, and vans parked here. 

Normani: I don't know either, but I'm pretty sure Dinah is in it.

Camila: Oh yeah, that's her lion mane for sure.

Ally: Not sure why she's moving around so much though. Do you think she's in trouble?

Lauren: I'll save her!

Normani: Laur, wait! I don't think she's in trouble!

Camila: Well, she's already opening the car door, so I guess we'll find out. 

Lauren: Don't worry, Din-

Dinah: Ahhhhh!!! Lauren! What! The! Hell!

Lauren: Ah! My Eyes! They're burning! 

Camila: Hahahahaha.

Normani: *facepalm*

Ally: Lord save us all. 

Dinah: What are you doing here!?

Lauren: We all came to look for you! I woke up and didn't hear your loud ass snoring and turns out you weren't in the bus, so I woke the others to come find you!

Camila: But, apparently someone found you first...

Dinah: Yeah, haha. That would be my boyfriend.

Ally, Normani, Lauren, and Camila: YOUR WHAT!?

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