Group Chat - Fuck My Life...

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Normani: Guys, I lovve ya'll so mooch.

Dinah: Okay...? We love you too, but where did that come from?

Normani: Idk, I jus luve you guyss

Ally: Mani, are you... drunk?

Normani: Yes I aMm not

Lauren: Ah shit, I got thos guyz.

Camila: Lauren, are you drunk too?

Lauren: Probly yes.

Dinah: You guys got drunk without me? Wtf, I am hurt.

Camila: Are you two at least going to take a cab home or something?

Lauren: We aRe inn a Cab.

Normani: Nah thus iS a duMpster

Lauren: Fuxk

Ally: I'll get my keys...

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