Group Chat - Holy Shit...

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Dinah: Boys and girls... I have an announcement to make!

Lauren: Pretty sure we're all girls Dinah, but proceed.

Dinah: I have something very important to tell you all...

Normani: Okay Dinah, get to the fucking point.

Dinah: Well, now you're being rude so I don't want to tell you

Camila: Seriously Dinah? 

Ally: Annoying little prick

Dinah: I see Ally is still salty...

Ally: Maybe I wouldn't be if you just told us what the "important announcement" is.

Dinah: Okay, ready?

Lauren: I was born ready.

Camila: Lauren, you and I both know that's a lie. I mean, were you really ready to pop out of a vagina? I don't think so.

Lauren: It's a figure of speech Camz.

Dinah: Will y'all focus on me please?

Normani: Holy shit Dinah, after this bullshit, this better be good. 

Dinah: I would just like to announce that -

Ally: You're pregnant?

Dinah: How'd you know?

Ally: What!?

Dinah: What?

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