L and C - I Did A Thing!

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Camila: Lauren?

Lauren: Yeah Camz?

Camila: I think I killed an old woman...

Lauren: You what!?

Camila: I was at Walmart with Dinah and we were racing shopping carts and the woman came out of nowhere...

Lauren: Oh my god! You hit her?

Camila: More like flattened her, but yeah you could say that.

Lauren: Camila! Did you check if she was okay?

Camila: Yeah, she mumbled something, but I'm pretty sure she was just telling me she was fine.

Lauren: Or she was asking for help.

Camila: Nah, she good.

Lauren: What am I going to do with you?

Camila: I can think of a few things ;)

Lauren: Not the time.

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