Group Chat - Finally!

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-------------------- Lauren has added Dinah to the chat --------------------------

Lauren: Okay Dinah, can you finally tell us the important announcement?

Normani: Yeah, holy shit, you're getting hella annoying.

Dinah: Okay, Okay... the announcement is...  I'm getting married!

Camila: What the fuck!? Bitch, to who?

Dinah: I don't know yet...

Ally: Dinah, you kinda need someone to marry.

Dinah: Um no, I'm a strong independent woman. I don't need no man.

Lauren: It doesn't have to be a man.

Dinah: Nah, I'll leave the gay stuff to you and Mila.

Camila: Okay, so you're just going to marry yourself?

Dinah: Nah, I'm better than that.

Normani: Okay bitch, you literally make no sense. 

Dinah: Y'all love me anyway.

Camila: Debatable.

NoteIt's so hard to type when your cat just randomly lays on your keyboard.

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