Group Chat - Confession

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-------------- Ally added Camila and Lauren to the chat ------------------

Ally: Why'd you guys leave?

Lauren: We had to talk about something...

Dinah: Hell no. Don't even think about tryin' to be all secretive and shit.

Camila: Dinah chill the fuck out. We don't have to tell you everything.

Lauren: Camz, maybe we should tell them...

Camila: Okay, fine.

Normani: What's that I hear? A whip?

Camila: Stfu Normani, you hoe.

Ally: Chill guys. What do you have to tell us?

Lauren: Camz, do you want to say it, or should I?

Camila: I'll do it. Lauren and I are fucking.

Lauren: Jesus Camila, wtf. You could've been a little more subtle. 

Camila: Yeah you're right. Lauren and I are in love and we're fucking.

Lauren: Kill me please.

Dinah: My ship is real mother fuckers!!!

Normani: Wait, y'all are like a 'thing'? When did this happen? I'm so confused right now.

Ally: Mani, are you blind? They have been eye fucking each other since day one. Jesus, forgive me.

Camila: Yeah, I've been wanting to rip Lauren's shirt off since the X-Factor days.

Lauren: I actually want to throw myself off a bridge right now.

Normani: Well, I have to admit it, I ship it.

Dinah: How could you not ship it? It's Camren yo!

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