Group Chat - Indirect

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Camila: Lauren Michelle Jauregui, get your ass in this group chat right now!

Dinah: Oooh, Papi is in trouuuble.

Normani: Ew, Dinah never call Lauren "Papi" ever again. 

Ally:  I don't even want to be here 

-------------------------------------------- Ally has left the chat -----------------------------------------------------

Lauren: Woah, Camz why you mad? 

Dinah: Why you sad? When you can be... glad?

Normani: Shut up Dinah.

Dinah: Why do you hate me?

Camila: Lauren, you're making everyone go crazy. 

Lauren: What am I doing?

Camila: You keep liking photos of me on fan accounts  and you deleted like all of our photos except for one with just us and one with the girls.

Lauren: So? I just thought I'd clean up my feed and can you blame me for liking those fan photos, you're hotttt.

Camila: Okay but, you're making people think something's up.

Lauren: I don't hear you complaining when you're legs are up.


Dinah: I don't hear her complaining but I sure do hear a lot of other stuff...

Normani: Ewwww.

Dinah: "Ewwww" yourself Normani.

Normani: What does that even mean?

Dinah: Means you're gross.

Normani: You're gross!

Dinah: No, you are!

Normani: No, you!

Lauren: Guys! Shut up!

Camila: Yeah! You're both gross!

Dinah: Yeah!

Dinah: Wait, no!

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