Group Chat - I Am So Done With You Weirdos

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Dinah: Hey fuckers!

Normani: Hey bitch!

Lauren: Hey girl!

Camila: Hey D!

Ally: Dinah, Language! You too Normani!

Dinah: K mom.

Normani: Ally you need to chill with the "little miss sunshine act".

Ally: It's not an act!

Dinah: Bullshit!

Lauren: Ooooh Ally????

Camila: Ally, do you have something you want to share with us?

Ally: What? No!

Camila: Sounds awfully conspicuous...

Lauren: Big word Camz. Proud of you.

Camila: Thanks babe, we fuckin' later.

Dinah: I'll keep that in mind...

Normani: Dinah! Don't be creepy and stay on topic, we're trying to expose Ally.

Dinah: Roger that!

Camila: Who's Roger?

Lauren: *facepalm*

Ally: Oh my gosh! Guys, c'mon there's nothing to expose.

Dinah: Lies...

Normani: Just tell us Ally! 

Lauren: Yeah Ally, c'mon we're all basically family.

Camila: Isn't that incest then? I mean, if we're all family, Lauren?

Lauren: You don't count.

Camila: Well, now I'm hurt.

Lauren: No! I didn't mean it like that! We all love you, but you and I will get married and then we'll be family, we can't be sisters Camz.

Camila: Oh Okay, I get it now.

Normani: I... am...  so...  done with you weirdos!

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