Group Chat - Solo Career

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Camila: There's something I have to tell you guys...

Normani: Mila we already know.

Ally: Yeah, it's okay though, we wish you the best.

Lauren: Speak for yourselves, I'm pissed.

Dinah: Lauren, c'mon she needs to do this.

Camila: I'll make good money, and we can get a house together Laur. 

Lauren: Wait you're not leaving me?

Camila: No, I mean, other people are gonna be all over me, but that's part of the job.

Lauren: Well, you can tell them to back off. 

Camila: Not really, I mean, it'll be how I make money.

Dinah: What do you mean? Music will be how you make money.

Camila: Well, I'm sure music will be on in the background.

Normani: Camila, what are you talking about?

Camila: Some guy offered me really good money to be a stripper, so I figured I could get that money and then never have to work again. 

Dinah: Oh okay... wait, what!?

Lauren: You make me wish I was straight.

Ally: Lord have mercy, Camila Cabello you are not becoming a stripper.

Camila: Damn it, why not?

Ally: Because you still drink out of juice boxes and when you're sick, you make your Mom fly out here to take care of you.

Normani: Yeah, and last weekend you watched all the High School Musicals in a row. 

Lauren: I know, she made me watch them with her.

Camila: Hey! They're good movies.

Dinah: Camila, you're frickin' 20 years old.

Camila: Yeah and I know when to appreciate good film.

Lauren: Oh my god, I cant right now.

Ally: Bottom line is, you're not becoming a stripper. 

Camila: Okay fine. Wait a second... what did you guys think I was going to tell you?

Dinah: Gotta Dinah! Byeeee

Normani: Oh I suddenly have to go clean my bunk.

Ally: Oops, gotta pray!

Lauren: I'm just leaving because no one wants to tell you. 

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