Group Chat - Okay, Jesus!

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Ally: Guys, something happened... 

Camila: What?

Lauren: You okay?

Ally: NO!

Normani: What is happening? 

Dinah: Ally? You alive?

Ally: No, this is my ghost texting y'all. 

Camila: Ha, told you Lauren! Ghosts are real!!!

Lauren: Shut up. 


Normani: Okay well, can you tell us what's going on?

Ally: I met Jesus... 

Dinah: You what!?

Ally: I met Jesus. 

Camila: So you are dead...

Ally: NO! omg, i'm alive. I just met Jesus!

Normani: Please explain.

Ally: I was walking downtown L.A and bam! Jesus came out and grabbed me, and he was like "I see a power in you, small one." 

Lauren: Okay, why does Jesus literally sound like Yoda?

Normani: Ally there is no way that was actually Jesus.

Dinah: Did you get his autograph!?

Lauren: Dinah it wasn't actually him!

Ally: Yes it was! He had a beard and long ass hair and sandals!!!

Dinah: Ew, why was his ass hair long?

Ally: No Dinah, ew.  Not what I meant...

Lauren: He was probably some strange homeless man. 

Ally: Ah, I hate you guys! 

Camila: Thanks!

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