Group Chat - Something Borrowed

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Normani: Camila! Give me my blow dryer back!

Camila: What are you talking about?

Lauren: Camz you borrowed Mani's blow dryer like a month ago.

Dinah: Damn, Mila you still have that?

Camila: I don't know...

Ally: Camila you better find it before Mani gets mad.

Normani: I'm already mad! You've had it for a friggin month and everytime I ask for it back you say you still need it. So I have been nice about it and I've been sharing Dinah's with her, but I have had enough! Do you know how much hair Dinah has? A lot! It's like a lion crawled on her head and died.

Dinah: Hey...

Lauren: I'm laughing way to hard.

Ally: Okay Mani relax, I'll help Camila look for it.

Camila: Yeah Ally and I will get on that right now!

--------   2 hours later --------

Ally: Camila... come here.

Camila: What? why? I'm in Lauren's room looking for the blow dryer still.

Ally: Yeah, well I found it.

Camila: Awesome! Where was it?

Ally: In the fridge in the lunch room...

Normani: Mila what the fuck?

Lauren: Care to explain Camz?

Dinah: Yeah, I'm interested now...

Camila: Okay so, I'm pretty sure I accidentally left it in there when I got out of the shower and suddenly had this craving for celery. So I had the blow dryer in my hand and then I got some celery and I guess I left it in there.

Normani: What the fuck? Who gets random cravings for celery?

Dinah: Probably pregnant women...

Ally: Well, Lauren, if Mila is pregnant you have some explaining to do.

Lauren: What?

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