Small Group Chat (L, D, and C) - What Is Wrong With You?

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Lauren: Dinah....

Dinah: Uh Oh

Lauren: You had a shopping cart race in Walmart!?

Dinah: Camila, you rat.

Camila: Sorry D.

Dinah: You're so whipped.

Lauren: Um hello? Pretty sure you guys killed an elderly woman.

Dinah: Okay actually, Camila killed an elderly woman.

Camila: She's not dead! She's probably fine, idk, we ran outta there.

Lauren: Omg guys, you have to go back!

Dinah: We can't go back Lauren, What are we gonna say?

Camila "Yeah hi, My friend and I were here yesterday and I flattened an old woman with a shopping cart."

Lauren: It's a start...

Dinah: Lauren you're supposed to be the smart one. Can you at least come with us?

Camila: Hey! I'm smart too!

Dinah: Mila if you were smart we wouldn't be in this situation.

Camila: You're the one who wanted to race!

Dinah: You agreed!

Camila: It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Lauren: Okay both of you shut up! I will go with you to Walmart later and we will figure it out.

Camila: Thanks babe :)

Dinah: Yeah thanks for helping with the mess your girlfriend got us into.

Camila: -__-

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