Okay - Private Chat (C & L)

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Camila: Lo, Will you please talk to me?

Camila: You're seriously worrying me...

Camila: Wait, are you going to break up with me???!!!

Lauren: Camila wtf, stop spamming me.

Camila: Well then, stop freaking me out!

Lauren: You get freaked out by everything! Remember when that moth flew into your room and you almost went into cardiac arrest?

Camila: That moth looked me right in the eye and smirked... he knew what he was doing.

Lauren: oh my god, okay whatever. Why did you spam me?

Camila: Because you just randomly left the group chat while we were talking about our relationship and it freaked me out.

Lauren: Ohhh haha probably just bad timing...

Camila: What do you mean?

Lauren: I saw a puppy...

Camila: You saw a puppy? You left the group chat all dramatically because you saw a frickin' puppy!?

Lauren: He was so cute! Kinda reminded me of you ;)

Camila: Oh heck no, you can't just 'charm' your way outta this one, Jauregui.

Lauren: Okay, I'm sorry alright? I should've explained.

Camila: Yeah, you should've. We all thought that you and me pretty much broke up.

Lauren: What? Why?

Camila: Because the group is taking a 'break'.

Lauren: And you're worried that were not going to spend as much time together?

Camila: Yeah, and I'm worried about how we're gonna handle it. Are we going to come out as a couple and get hounded by the media or keep it secret and take risks?

Lauren: Fuck it. I say we come out as a couple. You're worth it.

Camila: Seriously?

Lauren: Yeah, let's do it.

Camila: Okay.

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