Small Group Chat (L, C and A) - Safety First

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Ally: I have to talk to you two about something important.

Camila: Ally I told you, next time you can't reach the shelf just pull the step stool out, we won't judge you. 

Lauren: Yeah, its not your fault you're pocket sized.

Ally: Okay, it's not about my height, but thanks for that.

Camila: Then, what's it about?

Ally: You and Lauren.

Camila: Is this about Lauren stealing the whipped cream from your miny fridge? Cause we can give it back...

Ally: No its not about that, and no! I don't want it back, gross.

Lauren: Ally, I love you, but will you just get to the fucking point please?

Ally: Okay so, I just wanted to make sure you guys are being safe...

Camila: Ally, I am super safe. I look both ways before crossing the street every time!

Lauren: Camz, I don't think - wait, you do?

Camila: Obviously. I read 'Street Smart For Dummies'.

Lauren: Wow Camz, I'm impressed.

Camila: Thanks babe.

Ally: You know what? Yeah, that's what I meant...

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