Group Chat - Church or Fire?

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Ally: I want ya'll to come to church with me this Sunday.

Camila: Lauren and I can't.

Ally: Why not?

Camila: 'Cause we'll burst into flames.

Dinah: Well, in that case, i'll go. I'd love to see those bitches sizzle.

Normani: Dinah, you're homicidal.

Lauren: Camz, I don't really think we'd actually combust.

Camila: Lauren, idk what "combust" means, I'm talking about catching on fire.

Lauren: Oh my gosh Camila, that's what combust means.

Ally: Guys, why would you combust?

Normani: Probably because their gay.

Dinah: Ohhhh, I was thinking it was because their cuban.

Camila: Stfu Dinah.

Ally: Ya'll are not gonna burst into flames 'cause "you're gay". Don't even worry about that.

Lauren: Wait, why do you want all of us to come to church with you anyway?

Ally: Because, we need to put some faith back in this group. We're starting to act like hooligans.

Dinah: We are hooligans. 

Camila: We know you are Dinah.

Dinah: Girl, if you don't step back...

Normani: Guys, chill. We'll go to church with you on Sunday Ally.

Lauren: Yeah, why not? I mean, I used to go all the time when I was a kid.

Dinah: Yeah, I guess I'll go to, but keep Mila at a safe distance away from me. I already have a nice tan going and if she catches fire I don't want to get too crispy. 

Normani: I can't tell if you were just a little racist there...

Camila: Okay, Ally I'll go too, but if I "combust", it's on you girl. 

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