Group Chat - "Last Christmas I Gave You My Fart."

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Normani: 'Tis the season, bitches!

Lauren: I'm so excited to cuddle up in front of the fireplace with Camz.

Camila: Yeah yeah, we'll get to that after we open PRESENTS!!!!!

Dinah: I hate Christmas.

Ally: Oh, here we go...

Dinah: What? It's stupid.

Lauren: Why are you so cranky?

Normani: Oh, yeah! Lauren wasn't there for the... incident.

Dinah: Shut the fuck up, Normani.

Lauren: I wanna know!

Camila: Dinah, might murder us if we tell you.

Ally: Oh man, we have to tell her. It was so funny!

Dinah: I'll set you all on fire!

Normani: C'mon, Dinah. Lauren won't tell anyone.

------------------------- Dinah has left the chat ---------------------------------

Camila: I think her leaving gives us permission to tell Laur. 

Normani: Okay, so.. last Christmas we were all at the hotel with the crew and i'm pretty sure you had gone to get something you left in your car. Anyway, Camila walked over to sit on the couch and she tripped on the leg of the table and fell and we were all laughing and Dinah laughed so hard that she farted really loud.

Lauren: Is that why it was so awkward and silent when I came back? 

Ally: Yeah, hahaha. Dinah, yelled at all us of and we swore to never speak of it. 

Camila:  The one time something good came out of me tripping. It was so fucking funny.

Lauren: I'm so sad I missed that. Thanks for telling me. I have blackmail on Dinah for life!

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