Small Group Chat (D, C, and N) - If He Breaks Your Heart, We Break His Neck.

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Camila: So, that was an.. eventful night.

Normani: Hmm, sure was. Pretty weird that DINAH DIDN'T FUCKING TELL US SHE HAS A SECRET BOYFRIEND!

Dinah: Um, it's called a "secret boyfriend" for a reason.

Normani: Well, it's not a secret now. Who is he!?

Dinah: Why do I have to tell?

Normani: Because if you don't... I'll murder you :)

Dinah: Okay, damn. His name is Tony. I met him backstage at one of our concerts, he's a producer.

Camila: Damn girl, he making music and making you cu-

Normani: NO CAMILA!

Camila: What?

Dinah: Look guys, I really like him, please don't do anything stupid.

Normani: I won't, unless he does.

Camila: Yeah. If he breaks your heart, we break his dic-

Normani: NO CAMILA.

Camila: Why do you never let me finish my sentence?

Normani: How about this.. if he breaks your heart we break his NECK.

Camila: Less fun, but whatever.

Dinah: I just don't know what to do. We're touring and he's working with musicians all over the place. We never get to see eachother.

Normani: I know, girl. But, here's the question you have to ask yourself, is it worth it?

Camila: Give it to me i'm worth it, baby i'm wort-


Camila: Okay, why tf am I even in this group chat?

Dinah: I think he's worth it, I really want him to be.

Normani: Then just try it out. Be with him and if you decide that's he's not what you want and you can't do all the craziness, then don't. But, if you fall for him and realize that all the craziness doesn't matter, then he's worth it. Because I doubt our lives will get less busy, and being a producer, I doubt his will either.

Dinah: Yeah, thanks Mani. I'll just wait and see, I guess.

Camila: You're welcome.

Dinah: Stfu Mila, you did nothing.

Camila: I know :)

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