Group Chat - Dinah Likes Hot Cheetos

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Camila: Guys! Dinah's in the hospital!

Ally: What!? What happened?

Normani: Is she Okay!?

Lauren: Omg, what happened!?

Camila: Yeah, she just broke her arm. A vending machine fell on her...

Normani: How the fuck...?

Ally: Oh my...

Lauren: How did a vending machine fall on her?

Camila: Bitch wanted her hot Cheetos.

Normani: So did she fight the vending machine?

Camila: Well, after a long swearing session because she put her dollar bill in the machine and her hot Cheetos got stuck, she started punching the crap out of it.

Lauren: And then it fell on her?

Camila: I'm getting to that. After punching the crap out of it, she starts kicking it and making ninja sounds.

Ally: And then it fell on her?

Camila: Can y'all be patient?

Normani: Can you maybe finish the story in one paragraph please?

Camila: Shush. Okay so after the punching and the kicking she just grabs it and stares at her Cheetos and goes... "whether you like it or not, I'm going to consume you fuckers." And then she grabbed the machine and shook it like crazy, until it fell on her.

Normani: I'm not even surprised.

Ally: Yeah, Dinah is obsessed with hot Cheetos.

Lauren: Bitch had it coming.

Camila: Wow, so sympathetic guys...but for real, I think the Cheetos wanted revenge.

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