Small Group Chat (D, N and A) - Wedding Plans

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Dinah: You ready bitches?

Ally: Please don't call us "bitches", so sinful.

Normani: Ready for what?

Dinah: Ready for Camren's wedding?

Ally: Camila and Lauren are wayyy to young to get married Dinah.

Normani: I'm gonna have to agree with Ally on this one.

Dinah: Who says they're too young to get married?

Ally: Logic.

Dinah: Okay, since when does some rapper have control over Camila and Lauren?

Normani: No Dinah, not the person, omg.

Ally: Dinah, just take our word for it. It would end really badly if Camren tied the knot.

Dinah: Well maybe for you guys. I'm gonna be maid of honor.

Ally: For who?

Dinah: For both of them, duh.

Normani: You can't be made of honor for both of them!

Dinah: Watch me bitch!

Ally: This is completely unacceptable!

Dinah: It's okay Ally. You can stand beside me and make me look good.

Ally: Oh, no you didn't!

Normani: I think she did...

Ally: I will attack!

Dinah: Whatchu gonna do Ally? Probably just punch me in the knees cause that's all you can reach!

Ally: Okay, I don't get why you guys always come at me. I can't help my genetic mutation.

Normani: You're so dramatic. It's not a genetic mutation, you're just short.

Dinah: Can we all just chill!? I'm tryna plan a wedding here!


Normani: Yet.

Note: Today is my girlfriend and I's four months! I know it's not really a "big deal" but, that beautiful human has put up with my shit for four months like, whooo my gosh, i love her.

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