Group Chat - A little bit of this...

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Lauren: Hey fuckin' bitch ass hoes!

Normani: Jesus, hey Lauren.

Ally: Watch it, Normani.

Normani: Oh, so she gets away with saying all that, but I can't say "Jesus"?

Ally: You're not qualified.

Normani: Girl, what?

Dinah: Hey Lauren, you okay there?

Camila: Yeah, babe what's up?

Lauren: I drank coffee...

Dinah: How much fuckin' coffee?

Lauren: Okay, ya got me, I did cocaine.

Camila: Lauren, that's not funny.

Lauren: You're right, it's not funny, it's hilarious.

Normani: Dude, are you crazy?

Lauren: I am now, hehehe.

Ally: I'm gonna pray for you.

Lauren: Thanks, fuckin' camel head.

Normani: What in the hell...

Camila: Lauren, where even are you?

Lauren: I went for a run.

Dinah: Okay, but where are you?

Lauren: Vegas.

Normani: What the fuck are you doing in Vegas!?

Lauren: I told you, I went for a run.

Camila: That's not even possible.

Lauren: Oh, well I ran to the airport and bought a little paper boi and I walked up some steps and then I sat for a bit and then I walked down some steps and ran again.

Dinah: So, you just flew to Vegas?

Lauren: Ugh, I wish I could fly... lemme try!

Camila: NO!

Dinah: Girl, you're insane. Get your ass back here!

Normani: What were you thinking

Lauren: I was thinking, "Ooh, white powder stuff, lemme taste it." and then some guy said "No, you fuckin idiot. You snort it." so I did.

Ally: Lauren motherfucking Jauregui. You better get your hairy, Sasquatch lookin' ass back here, before I heat up a silver spoon and wack you with it until you're covered in little red, puss filled burns, you slimy bitch!

Dinah: Jesus has spoken...

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