Private Chat (L & C) - In Love?

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Lauren: Why'd you leave the group chat?

Camila: You know why...

Lauren: I do?

Camila: No, probably not.

Lauren: Camz... what's going on with you?

Camila: Well, we are in this girl group and I'm probably not supposed to be in love with you, but oops.

Lauren: You're in love with me?

Camila: Yes Lauren, I just said that. Geez you're slow.

Lauren: Wait, you're in love with me?

Camila: Holy shit, I literally admitted it twice, you're killing me here.

Lauren: Camila, I'm in love with you

Camila: Lauren what the fuck, this is no time for jokes.

Lauren: I'm not joking.

Camila: What?

Lauren: I'm not joking. I'm in love with you too.

Camila: Oh shit...

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