Small Group Chat (A, D, and N) - So Now What?

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Dinah: Guys... holy shit.

Normani: What happened!? We booked it out of there.

Ally: Yeah, I did not want to stay to see that.

Dinah: It was quite entertaining actually... until shit got real.

Normani: Oh damn... what went down between Camren?

Dinah: Well Camila freaked out 'cause she thinks since Lauren came onto you and Ally when she was drunk, that now she can't trust Lauren anymore because she thinks if she gets drunk she'll sleep with a whole bunch of bitches.

Ally: Woah... so basically Mila called Lauren a... slut. Forgive me Jesus.

Normani: Oh shit... what did Laur say to that?

Dinah: Well she flipped shit back and basically used Mila's own words against her.

Normani: And now what....?

Dinah: Well, Camila ended it with "I hope it was worth it," and Lauren ended it with basically saying "I'm gonna go sleep with a whole bunch of hoes."

Ally: Why did we not stay for that?

Normani: 'Cause we're pussies...

Ally: Normani! Language!

Normani: English?

Ally: Smh... anyway, Dinah why didn't you intervene and try to help? You stayed just to watch!?

Dinah: Oh look at the time! I have to go vacuum my room... bye!

Normani: ... She does know we're on a tour bus right?

Ally: Probably not.

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