Private Chat - Camila and Lauren

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Lauren: You're not actually pregnant right?

Camila: Lauren, can you please explain to me how that would work?

Lauren: Well, I don't know. I mean, we have sex a lot...

Camila: That is irrelevant in this situation... We're both girls.

Lauren: Yeah, but still. 

Camila: Are you even thinking about the texts you're sending right now?

Lauren: No, I'm high.

Camila: Lauren! What the fuck? We have a flight in like 2 hours.

Lauren: It'll be fine.

Camila: Really? Cause I remember you getting caught with weed in your luggage once...

Lauren: Yeah, once... Hasn't that happened to everyone?

Camila: No Lauren, no it hasn't.

Lauren: Oh.

Camila: Seriously?

Lauren: What? I'm high... I'm not thinking about normal stuff. I'm thinking about dancing elves and flamingos on roller blades. 

Camila: I can't deal with you right now.

Lauren: Well, the flamingos like me...

Hey people! If you have any suggestions, please share your ideas, I'd love to try to incorporate some different story lines in here (I'll give you credit.) So message me on here if you want and let me know. Thanks so much for reading! 

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