Private Chat (D and C) - On My Way

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Dinah: Are you on your way?

Camila: No, when I texted "on my way" 10 minutes ago, I was lying. 

Dinah: Hey, don't be an eggroll. 

Camila: Shut up. You're an eggroll. 

Dinah: You can't just turn the insult around on me. You have to create your own. You lazy bastard. 

Camila: Dinah, why are you being so rude to me?

Dinah: I'm not. I treat you like this on a daily, kiddo. 

Camila: Well, maybe you shouldn't. I'm getting really sick and tired of it Dinah Jane.

Dinah: Lol okay, Karla Camila. 

Camila: Fuck off. 

Dinah: No, fuck on. You get better results. 

Camila: Ew, why are you like this?

Dinah: I'm just saying. 

Camila: Well, say less.

Dinah: It's a free country. 

Camila: Not anymore. Look who the president is.

Dinah: Oh yeah, cheeto man. 

Camila: I'm here.

Dinah: Come in.

Camila: The door is locked.

Dinah: So open it?


Dinah: Omg, okay. I'm coming. 

Camila: Ew, I didn't need to know that.

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