Group Chat - One Shot Too Many...

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Dinah: Hey bitches!

Ally: Hey D!

Normani: Sup. hoe?

Lauren: Heyo

Camila: What do you want, Dinah?

Dinah: Woah. What crawled up your ass and died, Mila?

Camila: lots and lots of... tequila.

Lauren: So that's where Shawn took you? You friggin' went clubbing!?

Camila: Shh, not so loud. 

Lauren: This is a text conversation, idiot.

Normani: Sounds like someone's having a little bit of a hangover.

Ally: I didn't know Shawn was such a party guy.

Camila: Oh, he's not.

Dinah: What do you mean? Y'all went clubbin'.

Camila: Yeah, we did, but...

Normani: But, what?

Camila: Shawn literally just talked to some guy he ran into from highschool. Like, he got us a drink, we sat down, and this guy came over. They started talkin' and I started drinkin'. 

Ally: So Shawn had like 2 drinks and you had...?

Camila: 11 shots of tequila.

Dinah: Damn, Mila. 

Lauren: Holy shit. 

Normani: You're a small human. How are you even still alive?

Camila: Oh, trust me. I'm dead on the inside. 

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