Group Chat - A little bit of that...

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Camila: Lauren Michelle Jauregui!

Lauren: Shhh, I'm napping.

Camila: I don't really give a flying fuck what you're doing. You owe all of us an explanation.

Dinah: Yeah, what the fuck did you do?

Normani: She told us. She did cocaine, Dinah.

Dinah: And we're supposed to believe her?

Ally: Well, whatever it was, it was annoying as fuck. 

Lauren: What's up with you swearing lately, Ally?

Ally: Shut the fuck up powder sniffer.

Dinah: My gosh, Ally has gone rogue again. 

Normani: We're gonna need back up!

Camila: Will you guys shut the fuck up for two seconds!?

Dinah: Oh damn, Camila has joined forces with Ally. Man down, man down!

Ally: Dinah, sit on a cactus.

Lauren: Ooh, ouchie.

Camila: Lauren, do you wanna explain to us what the fuck ya did?

Lauren: Well, I didn't do cocaine.

Dinah: Pretty sure we knew that.

Normani: Speak for yourself. Bitch was actin' crazy. 

Lauren: I beg your pardon.

Ally: Oh shut up, Lauren. 

Lauren: You shut up, Allyson!

Ally: Bitch, I will deck you!

Lauren: I don't want a deck!

Ally: Not an actual deck, you fucking idiot. I mean, I'll punch you in the face.

Lauren: Ha, you can't even reach my face!

Normani: GUYS! Shut up!! Lauren, please tell us what happened last night.

Lauren: Lol, nothing. Literally nothing. I was just being a pain in the ass. 

Camila: Speaking of ass, you're not gettin' mine for a while.

Lauren: Oh fuck, no babe. C'mon, don't be ridiculous. 

                          --------------------------------- Camila has left the chat -------------------------------------------

Ally: Haha, sucker!

Dinah: Ooh, Lauren just got shot the fuck down!

Normani: Enjoy the lonely nights! 

Lauren: Assholes...

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