Group Chat - No Chill

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Camila: Hey guys 

Dinah: What up?

Lauren: Hey Camz

Normani: Hey Mila 

Ally: Hi!

Camila: Did you know that I can fit my entire fist in my mouth?

Dinah: Wtf Mila, why is that important?

Lauren: What else can you fit in your mouth? ;) 

Normani: Jeez Lauren, where's your chill?

Ally: Ya'll need jesus

Camila: Ally stfu. You are just as sinful.

Ally: Don't make me beat your ass Mila. 

Camila: If you can reach it, you fucking gremlin.

Dinah: C'mon guys, knock it off.

Camila: Ally started it.

Ally: wtf, no I didn't. You called me "sinful". 

Camila: Yeah, cause you are.

Ally: Rude 

Camila: Like your face!

Lauren: Camz, that doesn't even make sense.

Normani: Stfu Lauren. "Clothes is big on me". 

Lauren: Omg, it was one time Normani. One fucking time, let it go.

Camila: Let it go, let it go, can't hold it back anymore!

Dinah: Mila, shut up. 

Camila: You shut up!

Dinah: Bitch you better put that fist back in you mouth before I beat your ass.

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