Group Chat - Secret?

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Lauren: Guys, I have a confession to make...

Normani: Here it comes.

Dinah: Lez be honest.

Camila: You didn't murder anyone, right?

Ally: Camila, I don't think Lauren would murder someone.

Camila: You never know, kids are crazy these days.

Lauren: Camz, I'm older than you.

Camila: Stfu, let me have my moment.

Ally: Okay.... Anyway, what is it Lauren?

Lauren: I kind of have feelings for someone...

Dinah: Ha it's me bitches!

Lauren: Dinah, it's not you.

Dinah: Wow Laur, I take offense.

Normani: Well, who is it?

Ally: Yeah, you can't just leave us hanging.

----- Camila has left the group chat -----

Dinah: Wtf. Why'd Mila Leave? 

----- Lauren has left the group chat ----- 

Ally: Okay Normani, what did you do?

Normani: Why do you go straight to blaming me? 

Dinah: Cause you do stupid shit.

Normani: Stfu Dinah. Last week you talked to a squirrel for like 2 hours.

Dinah: We had a friendship.

Normani: Dinah, the squirrel was dead. 

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