Small Group Chat (A, D, and N) - Whoops!

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Normani: Do you think it's safe to pour bleach in your eyes?

Ally: What? No!

Dinah: Why the hell would you want to do that?

Normani: Because I just walked in on Camila and Lauren...

Ally: Doing what? Ohhhh...  

Dinah: Was it hot? I bet it was hot...

Normani: Jeez Dinah, no! It was weird and just, kinda gross.

Ally: Wait, how did this happen?

Normani: I was out with fans by the fence and I realized I forgot my phone. I walked into the bus to get it and bam!

Dinah: Ew, where were they?

Normani: In the kitchen! 

Ally: No! We eat there!

Normani: I know what kitchens are for Ally!

Dinah: I guess they thought we'd be out with fans for a while.

Normani: Yeah, but I just had to forget my phone....

Dinah: Damn, that must've been traumatic for you, can I ask you a question though?

Normani: Yeah...

Dinah: Was it hot?

Normani: Dinah!

Dinah: What? That's my ship! I deserve to know how their sex life is.

Ally: Dinah, don't you think that's kind of personal?

Dinah: Apparently not. I mean, they're showing Mani.

Normani: It was an accident...

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