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Have you heard of the news yet?" Janet squealed. She sat on the edge of my white desk with a grin on her face. She was fiddling with her hands, clearly excited about something.

"No, what news?" I looked up from my computer and raised an eyebrow at her. Janet was the queen bee of gossip in the office and I can't lie, ... I loved hearing it.

"Well, I heard there is an opening for a PA upstairs," She smiled and clapped her hands with pure, overjoyed excitement. "No one knows about it yet, well ... I heard it from Tony, who heard it from Janice, who heard it from Sarah. We all also know Sarah is full of absolute bullshit anyway..."  

She looked completely and utterly into the gossip, not sparing me a glance as she looked around while speaking.

"So, how exactly do you know this rumour isn't bullshit?" I sat back in my chair and crossed my arms over my chest. Janet and I had worked at 'Midnight Industries' for two years now. Janet was the receptionist, and I was Mr Smiths personal assistant. He worked for Mr Morgan, who owned the company, but the strange thing was... no one had ever seen or meet Mr Morgan. EVER!
He was on the top floor, and no one I knew had ever been up there and returned to this floor, Apparently, once you are promoted here and reach the top level, you are never heard from or seen again by us ordinary people.

Her gaze returned to mine.

"I just know, okay!" She shrugged it off, sending my system an alarm bell.

"You slept with Tony again, didn't you?" I raised my eyebrow at her.

"I did not!" she pressed her lips together. She was lying, ... again! "Okay, I did ... but his sources are always reliable. He also said you should definitely apply. I mean, everyone knows you basically run this department, and Mr Smith would be nothing without you." Her gaze was firm on me, but her hands were flying in the air.

"Come on, Mr Smith is a really nice guy ...."

"Who relies on you to do everything for him." She rolled her eyes. " You basically run those meetings, and he gets all the credit," she said, standing up and resting her hands on my desk. "Ebony, you deserve better than that." Her voice was tender and I could tell she truly meant it.

"Thank you, but honestly, I'm happy here with you.  I'm left alone by management and I get paid well. I don't want to be involved in the political side of running a business. Where is the fun in that?" I closed my eyes for a few for moments, before looking back at Janet.

"You could get to meet the mysterious CEO, Mr Morgan." She winked and smiled. "But seriously, you should definitely give this some thought Ebony." she said, using her 'serious' voice. I nodded at her and sighed softly in agreement. "Good girl."

"I do wonder what the mysterious Mr Morgan looks like though." I smiled.

"I bet you there is no 'Mr Morgan' and it's just some huge computer running this place and everyone who enters the top floor has a microchip inserted in them. That's why we never see anyone from up there,"

"It couldn't possibly be, because they are busy doing their job, could it?" I laughed.

"Please, no one but you works around here, and that is a fact," she said, turning her back to me and walking out of the office door. "I'm going to see Tony." she waved. "Just apply for the job already!" She yelled from down the hallway.

"I'm not promising anything," I yelled, after her smiling.

Janet had become one of my best friends after the last year, as we basically shared everything together. She shared way too much, but I appreciated having her around here. This office building was twenty stories high and one of many 'Midnight' buildings around the world. They basically traded everything and were number one for their business practices worldwide. I was lucky enough to work for one of the nicest people I have ever met, Jonny Smith. He was in his late fifties twice divorced, no children of his own, but apparently one stepchild. He didn't talk about it much, but he let it slip last Christmas party when I drove him home. He was a colossal gossip when intoxicated, and we took full advantage of this.

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