The Vampire's Pet (on hold for summer) by Reekah2288
The Vampire's Pet (on hold for Broken Girl
Around noon the bell rings again. I am laying down trying to sleep, but something doesn't feel right when that damn bell rang. "L-l-lord Cunning! How may I help yo...
  • manxgirl
  • trainer
  • humanpet
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The Offering  by MizzMonocromatic
The Offering by MizzMonocromatic
He looked at me with a stern look as he said. "You're a strange girl, you know?" "Says the vampire." "Touché." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rose Ashton w...
  • vampire
  • drama
  • vampireromance
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Sold To a Vampire (GirlXGirl) (Lesbian Story) by AmeliaNolan
Sold To a Vampire (GirlXGirl) ( a m e l i a .
Hayden had it all. She basically had a life full of bliss, however it all went down hill the day she turned eighteen, the day she was kidnapped and sold to Alexis Monter...
  • teen
  • soulmates
  • sold
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Her Cursed Monster (Mad Protector Series #1) by fearsome_hamster
Her Cursed Monster (Mad fearsome_hamster
She became a wicked monster's obsession. He was whispered to be the most cruel of them all. Cursed to roam the world without a soulmate, his insanity overtook and he was...
  • obsession
  • forcedmarriage
  • mate
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Valerian Empire [Featured Story] by ash_knight17
Valerian Empire [Featured Story]by Ash
[18+ ] "But he is a good man," she argued to see his eyes narrow at her words. "And I could be a bad man," he warned, "Until you're under my wi...
  • vampires
  • supernatural
  • humanxvampire
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Love the undead (Tony x Rudolph) smutshot by IAmAnLLawlietFan
Love the undead (Tony x Rudolph) Seven Blu
a smutshot (oneshot) split into 4 parts.
  • thelittlevampire
  • tonythompson
  • humanxvampire
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The Vampire's Pet (Sample) Wattys2018 by molly_grace_s
The Vampire's Pet (Sample) molly_grace_s
"Please don't pick me, I can't handle another master," Rose thought, pleading to herself as she looked down at the ground, her bottom lip started to quiver at...
  • forbiddenromance
  • blood
  • vampire
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Amara's Beloved  by glowinghill
Amara's Beloved by glowinghill
Amara Romero living in the town of Crestonwell where extreme hysteria rises with the numbers of people beginning to vanish increases. Weird death occurrences keep happen...
  • romance
  • possessive
  • vampireromance
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Her Blood (#Wattys2018) by _bikramjeet_
Her Blood (#Wattys2018)by Bikramjeet
  • mate
  • love
  • supernatural
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Blood and Honey (Book #1) by KenzDyer
Blood and Honey (Book #1)by Kenzie Dyer
B & H~Wattpad FEATURED STORY~Complete A lion does not need an invitation from a lamb. That is not the way of the predator. Predators take what they want, when they wa...
  • vampire
  • lovebites
  • humanxvampire
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Female Various X Male Reader by RichThePump
Female Various X Male Readerby Doihavethesause? Cocaine for my breakfast (what?) Hold that pistol, ambidextrous, uh (yuh, yuh) Pussy boy talk reckless (ayy) He might end up on a stretcher...
  • fanfiction
  • rwby
  • readerxvarious
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Vampire!Park Jimin x Reader|| An Offer to You by Tazzyrk
Vampire!Park Jimin x Reader|| An Tazzy
You turned to the girls still sitting at the table and gave them a tentative wave. The both of them instantly gave you a smile and they got up to walk over to you. &quo...
  • parkjimin
  • humanxvampire
  • xreader
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Lost by Abster123xx
Lostby Abby Taylor
She is no ordinary Vampire Hunter. But what is she? She doesn't know. Alexandra Clairmont lost her parents at a young age and when she was condemned to an Orphanage she...
  • halfling
  • death
  • abilities
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Her Bloody Heart (Vampirexhuman) by KiraKoala
Her Bloody Heart (Vampirexhuman)by Kira
WARNING: this story contains lesbian themes and mention of death and rape. "Humans disgust me... but you my tasty girl... intrigue me." she purred stepping clo...
  • humanxvampire
  • wolf
  • lbgt
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War Vs. Love (Hamilton FanFic) by SuicidalRaphael
War Vs. Love (Hamilton FanFic)by BlackWidowSin-øf-Death
Alexander Hamilton and the rest of America's founding fathers thought that the American Revolution was the only war they would have against King George the Third and Bri...
  • marliza
  • waragainstlove
  • hamiltonxoc
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The Blood Flame (Version 2.0) by tigerjourney77
The Blood Flame (Version 2.0)by tigerjourney77
"You'll be hunted for it." "I don't care. Blood doesn't make a person who they are." He answered. She smiled ruefully and shook her head. "Then...
  • vampire
  • boyxboy
  • bite
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In the night: Wanted by Riley_222
In the night: Wantedby Riley
Not all that long ago, vampires used to be slaves for humans, but a rebellion formed and took over. Humans are in hiding, being sought out one by one so they can be capt...
  • romancefanfiction
  • rebellion
  • battle
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**Pending** by AlexLSMonro
**Pending**by Alex LS Monro
What would you do if you suddenly found yourself married to a prince in competition with his brothers for the highest honor amongst their kind... and his life? *********...
  • stolen
  • inprocess
  • love
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Zone Zero: Vengeance (Book 3 of 3) by krystal-44
Zone Zero: Vengeance (Book 3 of 3)by Krystal Markey
**** This is part 3 of the Zone Zero series. Do not read this first**** ***Highest Ranking #13 in Vampire*** The war is coming and the hunt is on. Evie and Alex have de...
  • featured
  • death
  • vampireromance
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Lost In The Dark [Mystery_Angel6] by Mystery_Angel6
Lost In The Dark [Mystery_Angel6]by Mystery_Angel6
"I hope you didn't get into a fight with someone in the party," he said giving a trickster smile. "I do have other work to do rather than fighting, Milord...
  • newwriter
  • vampireromance
  • dark
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