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Werewolf's Assassin Queen by Aniels4
Werewolf's Assassin Queenby Amanda
Akira was raised to be an assassin, keeping her emotions in check. Finally, able to get a new life as a normal teenage girl who doesn't care on what anyone says to her...
Unraveling Secrets by engeIs
Unraveling Secretsby 𝓂
"But... How can I be your mate?" She whispered, lowering her head. "I'm a human. Humans and werewolves can't be mates." Slowly, he reached for her fa...
Second Chance by Weird-Chip
Second Chanceby Mondiiie💛✨
Just read and see into the life of Harley Kelson. I suck at descriptions.
MY MATE IS A CELEBRITY by Chikwendu Sharon
I looked into the magazine again not sure if I was seeing things. 'Mate.' My wolf growled again. How can this be? How can my mate be a human and what's more, some Americ...
My Beloved Omega by Loveberry04
My Beloved Omegaby Loveberry04
Alexa Clarkson is a 17 years old human girl, who was adopted into a werewolf family. She has always wanted to have and find a soulmate of her own. Nicholas Rivers is a 2...
You Are The Reason by AnonymouslySmug
You Are The Reasonby Rose
Just a simple cliche love story of a human and a werewolf. True love is rarely found and if it is found, it's hard to live without the other. We all wish a fairytale bu...
Mated To Her Cousin by Rielle_17
Mated To Her Cousinby RielleFaye
Olivia Larkspur is a human among wolf shape shifter people, aka, werewolves. Her life is perfectly normal, the kind of perfectly normal for being the sore in everyone's...
LYCANTHROPE  by justanotherplum
"I want you." With a touch as light as a feather, Cillian hooked a thick finger under her chin to get a better look at her face. "Look at me." Slowly...
Faith Leigh by nightlighe01
Faith Leighby Kia Coelho
Featured on the Official Wattpad werewolf reading list ~❤ Two powerful alphas competing for a mate... A millennium-old prophecy... An independent human girl... And a ban...
Getaway by 06_pau
Getawayby Pau
The first time he saw her, he knew she was his. The first time she looked at him, she felt a pull towards him. *** "Um, how do you see yourself in three years?"...
Alpha's Human Mate by Moorebooks12
Alpha's Human Mateby MooreStories
Amelia Evans moves to California with her dad to start a new life after the sudden death of her mother. They needed a change of scenery and distractions, California was...
To Suffer With by NighttimeTerrors11
To Suffer Withby NighttimeTerrors11
In a world dominated by werewolves life isn't easy for a human. But Al is determined to fight back and help free all humans from werewolf control. That might be easier...
Rille (Tribes, Book 2) by xfablex
Rille (Tribes, Book 2)by Fable
Preston's pack prides itself on purity. Which means a human mate is unacceptable, especially for the newly-proclaimed alpha. One adrenaline-induced mistake is all it tak...
Xavier and the Wolf (Legends of Pinewood 1) by EdenTheReadingGoat
Xavier and the Wolf (Legends of Eden
To help a grouchy werewolf fit in at a human high school is the biggest challenge golden boy Xavier Davis has faced yet. *** When Xavier Davis is asked by his principal...
Fate and Destiny | Book 2 by voilent_vortex
Fate and Destiny | Book 2by vortex
~Forever Series: Book 2~ Prequel to Changed Forever *** After Zane's mother died and he's sent to live with his aunt, that's when things begin to go down hill for him. H...
just FRIENDS.. by im_nanii
just AN0NYM0US
Two girls who secretly like each other and a big friend group full of secrets . What will happen? Luna and Seiley like each other . Their friends have no idea or do th...
Ice and the Moon  by Rhealityy_
Ice and the Moon by Rhea 💕
"The young alpha, Kallias. The prophecy says that he will reign the most powerful era of the blood moon pack. His mate would be the strongest mate in existence and...
Moira by FindingJesse
Moiraby FindingJesse
Moira ~ A person's destiny ************************************ I was holding the photo tightly in my grasp when I felt a presence behind me. Ace came closer to me and...
The stars and the moon *slow update by TooManyToast
The stars and the moon *slow updateby TooManyToast
Fay birch , that's what she calls herself since she lost her memories. Lucius black has searched for his special bond for only it to be snatched from him
The Wolf | Felix ff by KookieSashimi
The Wolf | Felix ffby KOOKIESASHIMI
"Do you know we wolf and Hooman will never be together?! Hooman are monster!" said the guy with long blonde hair that tie in ponytail. "don't you forget w...