I Won't Say I'm In Love (Fitz)

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Started reading Let the Sky Fall-

It's almost exactly like KOTLC- ALMOST. I need to get more into it.

Who else is a Hercules fan, that movie is ma shit-


Fitzroy Vacker.

A Telepath, tall and strong. He had a gorgeous complexion, with dark hair that complimented his bright teal eyes. He was smart, funny, quick on his feet..

And he was the bane of my existence.

Ever since he "saved" me from the Neverseen, we always accidentally ran into each other. His little friend, Dex, didn't have a liking to me. And his alicorn gave me a whopping headache every time I saw it take flight. His white smile drove me insane..with guilt.

I headed to the underwater garden in Atlantis, admiring the iridescent statues. And lo behold, there was Fitz, chowing down on a fruit that looked like a pomegranate. He wiped his beckoning lips clean. Offering me a tight lipped smile. I nodded, acknowledging him silently.

"So uh..What are you doing here, Wonderboy?"I hummed.

He chuckled, swallowing the rest of the fruit.

"Well, Sophie's resting. Keefe is off somewhere. Dex is busy with Silveny, trying to get her to wear a saddle. So I decided to come here to relax."He replied curtly. He sat down on the edge of a large marble fountain in the center of the garden, patting the space next to him for me to sit down.

I silently cursed in my head at Fintan, I could just feel Alvar standing in the corner, using his Vanishing skills to spy on me. It still churned my stomach that he turned on his little brother and the rest of his family, Alvar Vacker.

My heart warmed a little, I wish it didn't. I sat down next to Fitz, forcing a smirk before looking off in annoyance.

"Yknow, this can be our first date!"He remarked.

I opened my mouth to say something, but I was interrupted by a disapproving whinny.

We looked to the entrance of the garden, seeing Dex angrily perched on Silveny's back. Silveny narrowed her brown eyes at me, and nickered at Fitz. He shook his head gently and mouthed 'No.'

"Out with this broad again? C'mon Fitz, we gotta go train your telepathy before the next Neverseen attack. She ain't worth your time."Dex sneered, glaring at me. He never did like me. I never understood why. Then again, I didn't like me.

I slowly twirled a strand of [YHC] hair around my slim finger, biting my lip nervously. Then I felt Dex glowering at me. I clenched my hands into fists, hissing back at him. I was a Polygot and a [Elemental Talent/Eg. Hydrokinetic, Guster, Froster. The [Wind/Water/Ice] threatened to strangle Dex.

"I don't exactly like you either, you short freak."I snapped.

"I never did fancy you, cheeky broad."

"If I could make someone dead with my mind, it would be you."

Dex didn't have any comebacks after that. Silveny trotted over and nudged Fitz. Fitz grumbled."Well, I gotta go [YN].."

I shrugged a little. He was making it harder for me to kill him anyways. It would be better if he was nowhere near me.

He handed me an iridescent glowing flower, then pecked my cheek. Dex shoved him onto the alicorn's back and they were teleported out of Atlantis.

I stared in shock at where he was once standing. My hand floated to my face and my fingers grazed where he kissed me on my cheek. I felt myself begin to smile, but I forced it down.

"Nah, not possible."I muttered to myself.

Stuck in denial.

You don't like him!

I nodded in content, then glanced at the flower still gripped in my hand. My cheeks flushed insanely.

"Yes. Yes you do."I heard a gnome say. I looked over and sighed. I shook my head."Nope. No chance No way!!"

The gnome gave a toothy green grin and hobbled off. I stared down at the flower. I wanted to burn it. But at the same I wanted to braid it into my hair. I shuddered at the thought.

My mission was to infiltrate the Black Swan in whatever possible way I found. Maybe I took a wrong approach befriending the male Telepath. I decided to take down one of the two Telepaths. Without one another, being Cognates, they were powerless. Now that I think about it, the female Telepath could easily take us down on her own.

I sat on the stone bench, scolding myself for my idiocity. This plan was going to fail. And all of it would fall and crush me. The glowing flower caught my eye.

So beautiful and brilliant.

But if this flower could react to my thoughts, its petals would crumble at my true plans.

Fintan appeared in a flurry of fire. He grinned at my frustration, it amused him in ways I could never imagine.

"So, have you figured out how to take down the Vacker boy?"He asked, hands behind his back like one of those sophisticated yet really messed up super villans.

"Really? How!"

I grabbed a bucket next to the fountain and slowly dragged it through the water. I held up the filled bucket, shaking it so Fintan would acknowledge it. Probably thinks this is some sort of really deep metaphor...

I threw the bucket backwards and there was a loud angered groan. "[YN]! I just got this tunic dry-cleaned!"

I grinned. Fintan's hair lit up with fire. It amazed me how it never burned up and left him charred and bald.

"I'm talking about the male Telepath! You insolent unreliable egotistical careless son of a- ARGH."He burst in rage. I nodded slowly then shook my head.

"Fitz has no weaknesses."I said, twirling the flower in my palm.

"Of course he has weaknesses, everyone has weaknesses!"Alvar argued.

I glared back at him, I never liked him.

"He's not everyone! Fitz is sweet, and cares about everyone. And you know what?"My stare became more intense on the flower."He's strong and he can get through everything! He has no weaknesses! You can't beat him! You can't-"

I looked up to see Fintan very close to my face. My eyebrows curved upwards towards my nose in fear and my eyes widened. He had this smile on his face that burned itself into your memory. It said,"You've made a terrible mistake."

"Oh..but [YN].."He took the flower.

"I think he does."

In his palm was nothing but a small pile of ashes, flames still flickering.

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