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Trigger Warning: Mentions Kenric's Untimely Death (I dunno about you, but this really does trigger me)

  The death of Kenric hurt everyone. But it hit you hard. He was like your brother. Your best friend. Your everything.

  This wasn't someone having their mind broken. This was someone dead. They no longer breathed. They no longer gave you a heavenly cheeky smile. Their red hair won't let a few strands fall into their face. Their eyes will no longer captivate you with their amazing shade. Their laugh will no longer make your heart skip a beat. Their arms will no longer be your warm safe haven..

  You definitely dealt with Kenric's death far differently compared to everyone. You recalled vividly how you acted at his funeral. You became enraged beyond comparison.

  "He's dead!"You screamed."I don't think Kenric would want you to blame an innocent girl for his death! Can't you grieve like normal people rather looking for someone to push the heavy fault on?" Then you disappeared into the depths of the Wanderling Woods.

  Afterwards, you had light leaped back home, and remained there for a good week unmoving.

  Then you moved to simply sit under Kenric's sapling.

  Your POV

  I reached up, my [ST] fingers grazed the tips of the flourishing vivid red leaves. They felt soft, like how I ran my hand through Kenric's hair sometimes.

  My body felt numb.

  Half of my heart was gone.

  It had been burned away.

  I'd scream in pain until my throat was raw, then cry till my eyes were dry. My stomach would attempt to engorge itself. Begging me to move and feed it. But a simple glimpse of Kenric's sapling made it silence itself. My body refused everything in honor of the pain I endured in my heart.

  I lifted my numb hand, and let it rest on the thin trunk of his sapling. Eyes beginning to fill with tears again.

  I gave the tree a hug, loving the sensation. It felt like I was being hugged by him. His strong football player build made me feel safe. Like he'd beat whoever tried to hurt me. I closed my eyes and let the tears fall as memories flowed.


  Kenric strode over to me, his wild red hair caught my attention rather his wide white grin. I fiddled with a strand of my [YHC] hair, smiling back at him. He winked playfully."Sooo, [YN], do you maybe wanna, oh I dunno..go to a club in the Forbidden Cities?"He snickered.

  My [YEC] eyes widened a bit. A cute laugh escaped the Councillor's mouth at my reaction. But I still gave an eager nod.

  Upon arrival to the club, I was too busy staring at Kenric in his human attire.

  A simple black muscle shirt and sagging khakis. He gave me his signature smirk. I wore [Your Choice]. Many people stared at us. Kenric let his ego get to him. I rolled my eyes and listened to the music, absentmindedly swaying to it. Human music was far more appealing compared to what we listened to in the Lost Cities.

  "Are you enjoying yourself already without me?"Kenric asked, an eyebrow raised. My cheeks flushed and I nodded.

  "How did you get us here again?"I retorted, still pondering on that fact. These weren't called the Forbidden Cities for no reason.

  He waved his light leaping crystal about. "Councillor privileges."He sneered.

  I smacked his hand and he shoved the crystal back into his pocket."Idiot."I muttered.

  He grabbed me by my waist and yanked me close to his body, chuckling darkly."What was that?"


  He shut me up and kissed me deeply, his lips were so soft on my own. Like petals on a flower. I kissed back, with hesitation. I was contemplating with concern. Kenric was a Councillor. He wasn't supposed to be in love. He couldn't possibly love me.

  I always encouraged him and Oralie as a couple. They were so adorable together. I wasn't supposed to be the one here with him. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be here now. I did love Kenric. I did. But I couldn't.

  I pulled away on this thought and Kenric looked confused."Wh-- No it's okay! Nobody knows we're here. Our registry pendants are back home. I promise we won't get in trouble. It's fine [YN], come on--"

  "No."I simply choked. Tears rushing down my face."We can't do this Kenric. We can't. Why can't you just love Oralie and get over me? Please. It'll make everything easier..for both of us."

  He began to stutter, tears filling his own beautiful blue eyes. Seeing him cry didn't make anything easier. It made me feel worse. He growled and slammed his hand on the bar counter. And I saw six empty shot glasses. I don't recall tasting alcohol on his tongue..I must've not noticed.

  "God damn it [YN]!"I jumped at his drunk outburst.

  Then I felt another pair of arms wrap around me from behind.

  "Is this guy bothering you sugar?"A husky voice purred. I yanked away, eyes wide with fear. I looked for Kenric.

  He was gone.

  The man grabbed me forcefully by my arm, I could already feel a bruise forming on my delicate [ST] arm. I tried hard to pull away. But he was strong. I would've instinctively used my telekinesis. But I didn't want to freak him out or anything. So I did what anyone else would do.

  I slapped him.

  He pinned me against the bar with a violent snarl. He raised his fist. And I squeezed my [YEC] eyes shut. But the hit never came. I opened them and saw Kenric tangled with the drunk man, pounding him crazy.

  When Kenric was finished, he held me close, shushing me.


  "I love you Kenric.."I mumbled."My guardian angel."

  I never admitted aloud. I never wanted to. But I should've. I should've taken every chance I got. To tell him. But I never did. Because all I did was deny deny and deny.

  I swore, I felt as if the branches of the sapling wrap around me while the winds mimicked Kenric's voice.

  "I love you too [YN]."

  I'm not sure if it was real or not. But at that moment, I felt myself go limp, and I saw Kenric's beautiful smile again.

  My guardian angel.

A/N|| Am I the only one who can't read Kenric's name without crying.

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