Cracked (Keefe)

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I got this idea while reading an Aaron Burr reader insert. I was so hesitant because I'm not an AB fan but I was like..sure.

My emotions got fucked up.



  That was what was coursing through my mind.

  It wasn't even supposed to be possible for elves. This wasn't supposed to be able to happen. Especially not in my situation. Keefe and I were a perfect match. Number ones. Perfect.

  But I guess the universe decided that wasn't good enough.


  How did it happen.

  How could I let it happen.

  How did I not know it would happen.


  How would I tell Keefe?

  I sat on the couch, hands folded in my lap. I had been crying for three hours straight after leaving the doctors. It's been an hour since I stopped. But I still shook like a cold wet dog out in the rain. Miserable. Unsheltered. Unmoving. Just cold. I shivered until I felt myself weep again.

  The well was never going to run dry. Many said if one cried for so long, one day they'd just stop. They'd stop all together and never cry another tear again. I didn't think that was my case. I was never going to stop crying. This was going to haunt me forever. It was going to follow me like a heavy shadow. Like an ominous looming cloud overhead that reminded me there would never be sun again.

  Even though the physical pain had been so bad, nothing could compare to what my mind, heart, and soul were going through. I literally felt on the verge of breaking. I felt myself slipping away. [YN] wasn't there anymore. Where was she? Gone. Gone where? Stop asking. Please stop. It hurts.

  Everything around me turned grey. The [YFC] walls were gray. The paintings and photos hanging around..all grey. All lifeless. Like I wanted to be.

  The door opened.

  "[YN]? Honey? I brought food for my two favorite people in the world!"Keefe chimed.

  My heart broke.

  "There you are! How's Avery?"He questioned as he spotted me on the couch.

  My soul broke.

  "Keefe..Avery.."I couldn't meet his gaze. My bottom lip shivered as I attempted to form words.

  "We lost her."I managed. Immediately sobs tore through the house. I couldn't hold back after saying that. I slid from the couch onto my knees, my [YHC] hair falling to shield my pitiful face.

  Keefe stared down at me emotionless."Lost her?..What..What do you mean?"

  "I miscarried. The baby died. I woke up in so much pain. There was blood all over the bed sheets. I had to rush myself to Elwin's just to find out that I had lost our baby girl."The words began to lose shape."I-I'm so sorr-her-ry. I-hih-it was all my f-fault!"

  The blonde pulled me to my feet and held me close. I didn't get how he could take the news so lightly and still hold me in his arms as if I hadn't killed his daughter.

  "It's not your fault. Okay? These kinds of things happen. It's your body's fault. They don't happen to elves, but that doesn't mean they can't happen ever. We can try again when your comfortable."He whispered into my ear.

  And kill another child? I didn't want to live to see that day.

  "Go...Go upstairs. I'll make you some slumberry tea. You need to rest, your body just went through a lot."His voice got relatively quiet and he released me, heading for the kitchen.

  The door closed softly. I went upstairs, closing the door to the room.

  The walls may have been thick..

  But they didn't muffle the agonizing sobs of a father who had just lost their first child.

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