Set Fire to the Sky (Tam)

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Your POV

I remember being an apprentice of Fintan. It was terrible. But amazing. Pyrokinesis was painful. It melted my heart away, my emotions. But I could still use my common sense. My mentor reminded me of nothing but fire. Whether that came with the ability or not, it never fazed me much. He was like fire; he was handsome, but when you fed his hunger he would roar his mighty roar and burn everything in his path. Intentionally and unintentionally. When Fintan was captured, I fled. Nobody saw my face. Nobody would remember the team who Fintan raised like a family. They would remember the team Fintan created of illegal weapons...


Two years later

Sophie was remembering everything that happened for the past years she lived her life as an elf. But all her mind could take in was Everblaze. Fintan ruined everything. And that started by killing Kenric. Everblaze would never be accepted back into Sophie's life. Nothing could make her look at it different.

Currently, Sophie was getting ready for a masquerade party that Grady and Edaline were throwing to celebrate the end of the year. They had finally come out of their shy shells after Jolie's death...which was by Everblaze. It was evident that the Ruewen family never liked fire in the first place. Sophie seemed to have develop that trait on her own.

Everyone was invited. Even the Heks, which Sophie recalled not having a smile on her face when she hand to hand delivered that invitation.

Your POV

I never show my face in Foxfire. It's uncovered, unlike when we trained during the Times of Fire. I took immediately to pretending I was a Talentless, refraining from fueling the forge in my chest. My [YEC] eyes darted across the hall. I saw them. The seven elves who were in belief they had bested Fintan.

He was still out there, I knew they knew.

Especially the blonde girl.

My mentor never falters...they were set free for a reason.

I looked at the twins however. The male caught my attention, I absentmindedly twirled a strand of hair around my finger and smiled. I felt the blood cells in my body quicken their pace, which wasn't good.

If you've learned enough science, you would know that particles move much faster within an object when subjected to heat. Whenever I got nervous, my hair would light on fire. Or my fingers. But I had been taught by the best to hide and reign in my rambunctious emotions. My training wasn't working very well right now. So I quickly scurried off into an empty hall.

I was sent on a mission to infiltrate this dumb school and set fire to it.

I snapped my fingers, trying to light a fire. My fingers were like a lighter, get it at a right pace in the right area and you've got a beautiful flame to light your cigarette. But for this case, I was lighting a large glass school on fire. It only made things easier for me.

I lit a fire and a smile creased my lips.

Third Person POV

You held the fire close to your face, watching it flicker. You inhaled the sweet burning smell of the flames. The only thing on your mind was leaving this school in a burning wake. For your mentor. For your practical father. For Fintan. The Council didn't see the good in what Fintan had been doing. In all things, fire was rebirth. Not destruction. In the ashes, we brought forth a new world. And we have the power of fire to thank for that. It also gave you a new family. One that was more reliable.

One that wrapped its crimson and vermilion tendrils around you lovingly.

Nothing could stop you now.

You just weren't sure why you were hesitating. Maybe you were trying to figure out where exactly to set down the fire?

"[YN]?"A masculine voice questioned down the hall.

You looked up and saw the boy in the pair of twins you had noticed. His beautiful foreign face caught you off guard. In his pale hand he held an envelope. With your name on it.

"Uh..umm."You hid the flame behind your back, faking a smile. It gave you great sorrow he was here.

Because he had seen too much. And you must terminate whoever witnesses your mission. He held a confused look on his face, trying to see behind your back.

You regretfully put out the flame and let your hand fall to your side. You motioned to the envelope. And stepped close.

He stepped farther back and looked you up and down. He handed you the envelope hesitantly."Uh, it's an invitation. To the Ruewen family's masquerade party. Everyone got invited. And only I knew who you were."He explained.

You stared at the handsome elf.

"That's confusing. Because I have no idea who you are."You countered, stepping closely. You took the invitation and tucked it into the folds of your cape.

He held out his hand."I'm Tam. Tam Song. You're [YN]...[YN] [YLN]. I know who you are, but I've never read you. May I?"He said lowly. You weren't sure what he meant by he had never read you. But you saw no harm.

You gave a nod and he examined you, a shiver going through your body as shadows gathered around him and went through you. His eyes widened a little and he looked down at your hands. He muttered something to himself, and then smiled at you.

Your body almost burst into flames and you smiled back, not knowing Tam had seen how powerful your Pyrokinetics were.

What you were capable of.

And what you planned to do.

After all, being a Shade, he could see what darkness you could do. And you were anything but clean. His original plan was to attack you and turn you into the Council, but he remembered how he felt when nobody trusted him because of his powers. The prejudice and bias of the community had hit him hard, when in truth he wasn't that bad of a person.

Anyone else would have turned you in. But for some reason, he felt compelled to give you a chance to prove that you weren't as bad as he saw from his reading.

On the inside, he hoped you weren't so bad.

"I'll see you at the party..not that the mask will help me find out which girl is you.."He joked and walked off, squeezing his eyes closed in hopes you wouldn't burn the school down as he walked away...

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