Ban Hammer (Dex)

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  This is going to be my personal favorite. I'll explain later. 


  4:28 pm.

  I hopped on my computer.

  I logged into Chatzy and got into the chatroom that welcomed me a year ago during summer. It was a Various chatroom.

  Various fandom roleplay. We were all family and we loved each other. Even though we fought sometimes. We were still very close.

Heathen: Oi, what's up [YN]

  I smiled. Troy. A lovely genderfluid. Though we still identified Troy as a He. And he didn't mind. And a regular shitposter

[YC/YU] (Your Character/ Your User): I'm gr8.

*Australia*: Woop woop! Our main whor is in da H->OU<-SE

  Dallas was a Hetalia junkie, she loved it as much as we loved her. And we were never aggravated by her constant random language cursing.

[YC]: Hush chuld. I ain't no horse. *neighs*

Heathen: No. No. nO-

*Australia*: nYE s. YEEEssS.

[YC]: Oh great gog. Jegus- what have I walked into? This is a rare mating call between an amorphous piece of shit and a bilingual pimp.

~DizzneeTech~ has emerged from the depths of Tartarus (with Premium Chatzy rooms, you can change the entrance announcement)

  This user, I had never seen before. But they had an admin hat. One that only Troy and Meran, another user, had above their usernames.

Heathen: what the fuck. Who are you? Are you a new admin that Mer didn't tell me about?

  The user didn't say anything. We ignored the user and just decided that the admin hat was a bug in Chatzy. We joked and did some roleplays for various fandoms for four hours. Homestuck, Steven Universe, Creepypasta, etc. Shitposting was here and there. I had a lot of fun.

~DizzneeTech~: Uh, could I join?

  I was quiet for a few seconds. So was the chatroom. It was silent for 2 minutes.

[YC]: Sure! What's your name, mines [YN].

Heathen: I'm..uh..Troy.

*Australia*: Dallas! *random music in the background*

~DizzneeTech~: I'm Dexter. But you can call me Dex for short. I'd very much prefer that.

  He was like me. All sugar sweet and properly used his punctuation. I liked this kid already. Troy seemed kind of hesitant. The admin hat disappeared off his username.

[YN]'sAbusiveFather has emerged from the depths of Tartarus

  My eyebrows furrowed. I knew it was a troll, we had trolls come in all the time. But this one was extremely weird and offensive. My dad didn't live with me. Before I could type anything, Troy was already on the troll's ass. Troy was pretty protective of me. He was an absolutely amazing person, and I never really understood Troy.

Heathen: who the fuck are you?

Heathen: you fucking sicko

Heathen: get the fuck out of my fucking chatroom

[YC]: what the hell? Who the hell do you think you are?

[YN]'sAbusiveFather: Can't you read, bitch?

  I reeled back, about to jump down and angrily stab my keyboard with insults. But that's what trolls wanted. A reaction.

~DizzneeTech~: I haven't known [YN] for long, but you better back the hell up.

[YN]'sAbusiveFather: What the hell are you going to do?

*Australia*: I'll fuck you up, mister-

[YN]'sAbusiveFather has been banned permanently

  I've seen Troy ban people, and ban was supposed to be permanent. On the account of course. Banned people could come under different IP addresses and avoid ban. Which, naturally, pissed Troy off.

*Australia*: Way to go, Troy!

Heathen: ...that wasn't me.

  Before I could ask who, my question was answered.

~DizzneeTech~: It was me, I'm a major techie. And before you ask, no I don't plan on doing it to anyone else. Only people who disrespect [YN]


  I laughed at Dex, he was adorable. Even if I didn't know what he looked like. I knew we were going to get along perfectly. But I knew it didn't make Troy too happy that someone knew how to use his Ban Hammer.


  So basically, this happened to me a while ago. I used to be the admin of a popular Creepypasta roleplay room on Chatzy (Creepypasta Mansion RP). I don't know if I was an admin when this happened. Probably not. But this guy came into the chatroom one day as "Cami's Abusive Father" and started harassing me.

  Now, I was the nice person of the group. Whenever a troll came through, I was usually there to pacify them and get them to move on. But that pissed me off. All in all, the admin, someone whose name I'll keep secret, used his almighty ban hammer to get the troll out.

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