Dream (Platonic!Team Keeper)

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  I was reading Hamilton fanfictions again. This one person's depressing Hamilsquad stories are murdering me. This is based off of one of the two I read so far. I recommend listening to Dream by Imagine Dragons while reading this. Amplifies the feels.

  Platonic means friendly, no romance at all
  I just want to make all of you cry. Because that's what real authors do. Just admit it. Shannon does it. Rick Riordan does it. Even J.R.R Tolkien did it.

  I stared blankly at my reflection.

  Hair did. Makeup did. (A/N: Personally I don't wear makeup.)

  A silk [YFC] dress donned. With [Birthstone] jewelry.

  I remember who gave me these earrings. And the necklace. And the bracelet.

  I was getting ready for the premier of my movie. My team worked hard on it. And we had so much fun along the way. But heartache was inevitable.

  People around me muttered in excitement. In anticipation. The voice actors smiled at the idea of people being so riled at what they had done. I sighed and Wylie massaged my hand gently, whispering soft words. The screen came on as the lights dimmed.

  There was a video."This is day one of the movie. We just brainstormed the idea and are now taking an official photo of the crew before we start!"

  Keefe, Fitz, Wylie, and Tam stood behind Sophie, Linh, Biana, and I as we scrambled into the frame. Smiling widely. We were such nerds. My hair was short. Tam still wore glasses. Keefe used to wear hoodies. Sophie used to wear blue contacts to blend in. I smiled weirdly and huffed.

  "There's a tripod for a reason! Get over here!"I laughed. Everyone else agreed profusely with me, urging the cameraman over. The camera jolted before resting. Someone jogged into the frame.

  A short strawberry blonde boy with striking periwinkle blue eyes placed himself in between Sophie and I. He had box glasses with black frames. Simple. His white dress shirt sleeves were folded up, and his black vest was unbuttoned. He fixed his black and blue binary code bandana around his neck before grinning at the screen, his dimples deep and visible.

  "Everyone say Dex!"Keefe hollered, pulling Dex into a playful choke hold. The timer began to go off.

  "DEX!"Everyone cried with smiles. The camera clicked. The screen slowly zoomed in on the strawberry blonde, whose smile looked like it couldn't grow any wider or brighter.

Dedicated to Dexter Alvin Dizznee

  Tears welled up in my eyes and I laid my head on Fitz's shoulder. I felt a tear hit my bare shoulder. It wasn't mine. It was his. And it amused me. Before the prom, Fitz didn't even know who Dex was. He called him Dec for God's sake. When they got together, it surprised me.

  The movie moved forward.

  The movie had secretly been about the struggles of our lives.

  The initial message was that even though life is tough and there will be doubters, there will always be people who want you there. We integrated the struggle of Keefe, Dex, Fitz, and Tam's sexuality. Sophie's struggle of always being different and the one everyone depended on. Tam and Linh's struggle of being denied by their parents. Wylie's very hard struggle of being a foster child and losing the two people he loved the most in his life to horrific tragedies. And my struggle of having drug addict parents, poor, trying hard to get to the top with a failing family that tried to drag me down with them.

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