The Great Gatsby (Fitz)

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You often attended parties held in Atlantis.

Never knowing who the host was.

Simply knowing that they were the grandest parties ever to be held in the Lost Cities. They even surpassed those of the Ruewen parties.

You wore the best dresses you owned, enjoying yourself. Eating mallowmelt, custard bursts, all of the fancy sorts. You hadn't the slightest idea of who was the host of these parties. Though you would often look about to try and figure out from your simple curiosity.

You were determined to find out the host tonight at the party. And you wouldn't leave until you did.


Your POV

I wore a fancy [YFC] dress in a [YFS] style. (I personally like mine ruffled)

My [YHC] hair was up like Greeks often wore from the Forbidden Cities. (If it's long, it's up and rolled. If short, it's braided at the bottom.)

With an unflagging determination, I set off.

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By the time I arrived, the party was already raging. No doubt. Elves of all talents and kinds flooded in with the same taste in elegance. Long colorful silk dresses with white gloves up to their elbows. The men wore fancy black suits or among the likes. Fancily dressed gnomes scampered about the place, carrying drinks in glasses. Some appeared to be slumberry tea, a sedative.

And some wine? I don't ever recall there being any before.

Well, this party just got a lot more expensive..

Elves danced to the upbeat jazz being played on the center stage. Although we didn't enjoy the violent company humans, we admired what they managed to create while alone, depending on their own resources. Especial their music.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my new acquaintance, Biana Vacker. Originally she spilled some wine on my dress and felt terrible. I didn't regard her much until she mentioned something about knowing who the host of these parties was. She held a glass of slumberry tea, giggling in a slurred manner.

"Hmm, wow [YN]. Your boss must hate you if you ended up buying that dress.."Biana hiccuped, sizing me drunkenly. I rolled my eyes."I'm worth my salt, thank you very much, Ms. Vacker. Now. You said you would introduce me to the host tonight. Where is he?"

She hesitated a little, seeming very sober for quite a few seconds. Before oddly shaking her head like a denying child. "He's not here."

I hissed."How can he not be here? He's hosting this grand party, he must be here!"I snapped.

"He's not."She gave a hasty worried glance to the flight of pearly stairs that led God knows where. I glared at her before dashing towards the stairs. Biana disappeared. Only for her to appear in front of me on the last stair leading into a hidden world behind two large spruce doors.

"[YN]..for your own good, turn around."

I scoffed, my [YEC] orbs sparked with my determination.

I pushed through the doors, only to be faced with a pearly spiral staircase. I removed my heels, hurrying up the stairs. I pushed open an iridescent door, one of which I had never seen. And it was quite heavy.

A man stood out on a balcony. His back facing towards me. Black teal feathers seemed to be protruding from his face, but I doubted it.

I took a step forward, my feet making a slapping sound as the skin collided with the marble floor. He turned around and my breath got caught in my throat.

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