You Dirty Hacker (Dex)

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  You lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At the moment you were visiting [Friend/Relative] in Miami, who had a PS4 with Call of Duty 3, Fallout 4, Rocket League, Borderlands: The Handsome Jack collection, and among the sorts. Needless to say, they were your favorite person in the whole wide world.

  For obviously selfish personal reasons. But you weren't ashamed of it. After all. You are [YN] [YLN], you are ashamed of nothing! Well, I suppose that's an understatement for some people.

  Midway of a hardcore Capture the Flag multiplayer game on COD,  [FN/RN] (Friend name/Relative name) snatched the remote from your hands. You screamed as you died, the game was set to where you couldn't respawn until the next round. And you had been a high leveled Prestige player.

  You cried hysterically."Why'd you do that! Are you stupid or something?"You sobbed.

  They shrugged and smiled."You need to spend more time outside. And away from games."They replied.

  Your face contorted into one of disgust."Ew. Outside. Birds. Trees. Oxygen. People."

  You were picked up from your seat and moved forcefully outside. You were strapped into the car, [FN/RN] drove you to the park. You stared in horror at what was before you. The outside world. Your eyes hurt from the bright harsh light of the devil- I mean, the sun.

  "I'm not coming back for you until you've spend 5 hours outside. Goodbye. Don't call me."They snickered. You rolled your [YEC] eyes and stepped out of the car.

  "Fine. I'll go outside."You grumbled stubbornly.

  They drove away.

  And you pulled out your phone, opening up Pokémon GO! with a mischievous smile.

  "But I'm not staying away from games."

  You walked into the park past the gate. Seeing lots of other people. Looking down at your phone, you realized this park was a Pokémon Hot Spot. You smirked and just wandered around the park, catching Pokemon and getting more steps for your 2Km Egg Incubator.

  You were so stuck into the game, you didn't notice someone in front of you.

  Resulting in you running into them.

  Your POV

  I yelped, stumbling into someone infront of me that I hadn't seen.

  I sat on top of them, whoever it was seemed a bit small. I groaned in pain, as did they.

  "Dex!"A couple of voices worriedly called.

  "I told you this stupid modified obscurer didn't work, Dex! A huma- A girl saw us."Another voice snapped then stuttered.

  I opened my eyes quickly. Looking down to see a boy staring straight back at me. He was GORGEOUS. Like, model worthy. He smiled sheepishly. His dimples put Harry Styles to shame. His strawberry blonde hair was curly and messy, his eyes were a breathtaking shade of periwinkle blue. I got lost just counting the lighter blue flecks in his irises.

  "Uh, sorry."I heard. I shook my head and stared at him. Speechless."Oh God I'm so sorry I didn't mean to run into you! I was so into my Pokémon game, trying to get these Eggs to hatch and stuff I'm so sorry oh gosh. I'm so stupid!"All my words flowed out in a single breath.

  He stared at me in shock and I quickly got off."What?"I stuttered, brushing a strand of my [YHC] hair behind my ear.

  "You can understand me?"He gulped. A blonde haired boy punched his shoulder."Of course she can. Shut up."He rushed out.

  "I'm confused."

  The blonde girl with brown eyes pulled me to the side."Sorry about my friends. Anyways. You understand what we're saying?"Her accent wasn't British like the boys. It was clear American english.

  I nodded slowly."Am I not supposed to be able to?"I asked in confusion. She shrugged a little."Well. I guess. This must mean you're an elf.."She muttered.

  I cocked a brow."This isn't Final Fantasy. Or Rune Factory."I growled sarcastically.

  "If you understood me and human English then you're a Polygot."She went on.

  I stopped paying attention at this point, going back to my phone. I tested [FN/RN] to pick me up, because some weirdos were bothering me. But of course I didn't get a response. I just flashed between my tabs. Pokèmon, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Robot Unicorn 2, Fallout Shelter. Muttering under my breath.

  "She looks more like a Technopath. If she was an elf, then of course she would be able to understand the Enlightened Language."The boy named Dex argued.

  "But she has to be a Polygot to be able to speak English. Since elf babies speak from birth."A dark haired boy with handsome teal eyes pointed out.

  "Wh- Okay, now I'm confused."The other blonde boy growled.

  Dex walked over to me and just stared down at my phone while I played Pokémon. He smiled innocently."Wanna see a trick?"He asked.

  I hesitated. I never let people touch my phone. I was very protective of it. But I handed it over. He switched over to my Eggs and stared at the one currently in the Incubator. He simply tapped it and it hatched. He did the same to my other Eggs, leaving me starstruck.

  He smiled wider, his dimples visible. I blushed deeply."Could I uh..have your phone number?"I stuttered. He went into my contacts list. Then screwed around with a weird thing I couldn't really make out. He muttered to himself then gave a satisfied grunt. He returned my phone.

  Dexter Dizznee
  Phone Number: MY27341UM 2LU492 & 8U492 (If you can decode this, you can tell I'm a weird fucker.)

  I stared at the phone number."That's not a phone number."

  "I don't have a phone."He waved the thing in his hand around. He smiled and took something from the blonde boy's hand.

  "I told you it doesn't work, Dex."The boy growled. "Shut up Keefe. Hold this, Fitz."He pushed the object in his left hand towards the darkhaired boy.

  "Spare me."Fitz muttered. He looked over to a girl that looked like his sister. She shrugged innocently and suddenly vanished.

  "Call me whenever you'd like. I'll always respond."Dex winked at me and the obscurer in his hand clicked. Suddenly the group disappeared from my eyes.


  I quickly pushed my phone into my pocket and ran after them. I gazed at the shotgun they waved around, people rushing to get out of their way. I shook my head, my fingers massaging my [ST] temples.

  "I'm right here."

  "Oh, come on, let's go. Before the police catch me waving a loaded gun."


  The car ride was long and boring. I pulled out my phone, checking Pokémon GO! My eyes widened at the sight of the gyms on the map. They had all been conquered by Team Valor, my team. I chuckled, thinking back to when Dex fucked around with my game.

  "You dirty hacker.."

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