Mutual Understanding (Keefe)

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Trigger Warning: Suicidal thoughts and actions. Graphic

  You were tired of being criticized by Stina Heks and her goons. The words she spat affected the way almost everyone looked at you. And you didn't have anyone left who cared.

  Your parents were always off in Atlantis doing work, leaving you alone to soothe your pain.

  As a [YT] of your strength, people tended to stray from you. Not wanting to even look you in the eye. Afraid you would do something horrible.

  Then there was Stina. She loved to tease you. It made you wonder how she could even pass as an elf, she knew the pain she caused, but never once did she feel guilty. She made fun of your [YEC] eyes. Then she would yank on your [YHL] [YHC] hair...

  When the time came around, everyone was getting gifts and such. But you never received anything. Just a bunch of glares and kicks. You'd look across the hall, seeing how Fitz and Keefe had their own bags flooded with crush cuffs and more gifts other than that. Jealously racked at your brain. You weren't exactly friends with them, but you still wished they would send you a smile. That would be a better gift than a physical one.

  Once, Stina had left you something. And you couldn't have been more thankful.

  She had managed to snatch some razors from the Forbidden Cities.

  You knew very well what these things could do. You kept them of course. And let the insults come tumbling down at you. They broke you down piece by piece. But your comfort had always been those sharp demons that you called angels.

  However one day you had been driven too far, and you were forced to drive away the pain of laughter and hate in school, not at home in the solitary of your room as you always had.


Your POV

  I was walking out of the line with my lunch. I didn't have that much food. Yes, many of the elves here tended to say I was fat and such. But that was the only insult which I paid no mind to. After all, my physique wasn't theirs. Other than that, I couldn't stand everything they called me;

  Ugly. All elves were beautiful. I had yet to meet one that had a hideous face. But I see one every time I look into the mirror.

  Pathetic. I'm not the smartest in many of my class subjects. Was I supposed to act like I was smart? Was I supposed to excell at everything like most elves? We all had our pros and cons. But my body is just built up on my mistakes, as is my smile.

  Attention seeker. Sometimes I'd use my talent to drive people away. But instead, it accidentally drew people closer to me. Whenever Keefe Sencen passes by, I flash him a genuine smile, one I never show to other people. I hope for him to smile back, but he never does. I say Hi, Good Morning, and greet him in many ways, but he never responds.

  I was knocked out of my thoughts. Literally. I opened my [YEC] eyes to see Stina had tripped me in the middle of the mess hall. My face planted into the mallowmelt I had on my plate. The cacophony of laughter was just as deafening as any volley of gunshots on a battlefield. I jumped to my feet and dashed out. I felt an odd twinge, as if someone was staring intently at me. But I shook it off. I knew everyone was staring at me. What difference did it make if I could only feel one pair of eyes?

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