Preferences #2

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Your Love Song

Fitz: YOUTH by Troye Sivan

  He sees how everything with the Neverseen has taken a toll on you, and sometimes wishes that you and him could just flee to the Forbidden Cities and never look back. Fitz doesn't like to see you in so much pain and stress.

Keefe: Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra

  Keefe loves you, and you love Keefe. But the memories of his betrayal haunt your dreams and you still feel as if you need more time before you completely accept him into your heart. You haven't told him because you didn't want him to leave. But Keefe knows the impact his actions had on you, and is also trying to fix himself for you. He would wait forever, because he has forever, just to be next to you, even if for a few minutes in the end. (Fun fact: I chose this because it's my favorite song. And I was listening to it when I first read that part in Neverseen)

Tam: Corazón Sin Cara by Prince Royce

  Tam loves you because of your personality, not your looks. And he's tried to tell you that so many times whenever you tell yourself that he doesn't love you because you're not pretty enough. He knows he's not perfect either, all he knows is that he loves you the way he does without having to look at your face. Your looks aren't important to Tam. Just the purity of your heart. "Nobody is perfect in love, whether your white, black, your skin color isn't important to me. Look at me, look at me good. And if you don't have a pretty face, I'm not gonna complain either."

Dex: Wolves by One Direction (1D is my shit.)

  This is your song because Dex never expected that someone so amazing would fall in love with him. Everyone else was in love with you. Keefe, Fitz, Tam, Jensi, among the likes. And he knew your friends said a Technopath like himself wasn't going to get a chance with you. But he wasn't going to let that stop him. He fought until he got you, and this reminds him of his struggle.

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