)Percy Jackson AU( Blinding White Smile (Keefe)

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  Keefe Sencen, the jeweled masterpiece of the Apollo cabin. He was your favorite of the dashingly kind Apollo kids.

  Your friends loved to tease you about it. Dexter Dizznee, son of Hephaestus. Fitz and Biana Vacker, children of Aphrodite. Linh Song and Tam Song. Though they were birthed by the same mother and just happen to be twins somehow, Linh was the daughter of Poseidon and Tam the son of Hades. Threesomes gone wrong-

  And finally your half sister Sophie. You were both daughters of Athena. (*doesn't necessarily like Athena but meh*)

  Clovis was napping on your shoulder during the campfire, while Linh pestered Percy. Dex and Leo were talking about how he could add some TV and cable into Argo II.

  You prodded Clovis gently. Smiling a bit. He was adorable, you had to admit. He was always sleeping, and you found it undeniably precious.

  Suddenly you sensed a disturbance in the force, your [YEC] orbs searching for what caused it. When you couldn't find it, you looked back to Clovis.  Instead, you found Keefe. He was so much better looking up close. And his smile threatened your pupils.

  You had to avert your gaze to the campfire, the red, orange, vermilion tendrils were far more accepting than his white as Hades teeth. The illumination of the flames must've given off the image that you were blushing, because Keefe erupted into boisterous laughter. "Aww, do you like me? Daughter of Athena...I thought love was an obstacle in all war strategies. In any strategies really."He sneered.

  Unlike most of the Athena kids, you actually didn't think love was a setback. You felt as if it were a slingshot. Plus, just because you were an Athena child, it didn't mean you were incapable of loving. As Keefe had accused you of quite constantly.

  Annabeth had Percy, and Sophie was currently trying to flirt with Fitz. Sadly she wasn't the Aphrodite kid in the conversation this time around.

  You rolled your eyes at Keefe and turned your back on him."What did you do with Clovis? You're no Hermes kid, but you're unbelievably mischievous. You better not have dropped him in the river.."

  Keefe grinned a silent grin.

  "Believe it or not, I think Clovis makes for far better company compared to you. Even if he's always sleeping."You continued, a simple face.

  He remained quiet. He inclined his head, trying to lock his bright icy blue eyes with your currently dull [YEC] orbs.

  "If I had the choice...I don't think I'd mind snuggling with Clove in bed. He's probably had years of experience."The corner of your mouth curved into a smirk.

  And right there he knew he was a cornered animal. Keefe's eyes hardened a bit. And he scowled. He ran a hand through his blonde locks in a frustrated manner. He looked away from you. Keefe stood up and went over to Jason and Piper. He picked up Clovis bridal style, and placed him down next to you.

  Clovis's eyes flitted open and he gazed at you in amusement."Ah! [YN]! My favorite" a yawn cut him in between his sentence."pillow! Good..good.."He scooted closer and laid his head in your lap, instantly falling asleep. You gingerly ran your fingers through his hair.

  You looked up for Keefe. Seeing him far away from the campfire. He fiddled with the broken string of one of his brother's lyres. Grumbling bitterly to himself. You smiled victoriously. Until you saw something on his cheeks.

  Tears trickled down his face gracefully, attempting to hide themselves in the shadows that hissed at the fire light.

Keefe's POV

  My God. I hate Clovis. Almost everyone had something against Clovis in camp, probably because he slept so much and only sort of woke up at the worst times.

  I didn't like him because he hogged [YN]. I didn't quite see what was adorable about Clovis. I just didn't. What was adorable about never waking up? Isn't it even the least bit disturbing? Never waking up. If he was left alone for a week, I bet you he'd sleep through the entire thing and wake up thinking it was still Sunday.

  If I had been born a son of Zeus, I would've struck him with a lightning bolt already. I don't think I can convince Leo to burn down his cabin.

  I felt something liquid on my cheek. Wait, am I crying? I hastily wiped off my rageful tears. Begging to the gods that [YN] didn't see me cry. I threw the now fixed lyre at Will, who nodded with a kind smile his thank you. I stood up and walked to the beach. I sat down, watching the waves roll towards the sandy shore. The lake was pretty massive in size.

  I wonder if it would be hard to find me if I drowned.

  I shook away the suicidal thought. It was petty of me to think of killing myself over a simple girl. But I felt like my life was tethered to the love [YN] gave me. And right now, I felt dead. Though it wasn't a new feeling. What life is there to live when a goddess of a woman won't love you the way you undeniably do with her? I just couldn't stand it.

  I ran my hand through my hair, I did it when I was frustrated all the time.

  I gazed at my reflection on the moonlit surface of the lake. I looked up at the moon. I sighed inwardly, knowing I was stupid for what I was going to do.

  "Aunt Artemis..I know you're definitely not one to go to love advice, after all..the Hunters are founded on never entering a relationship. Basically you guys are all feminists. But I need help..I would never treat a girl as if they were some sort of trophy. Never. Not on my life. If I'm lying right now, you can shoot me with an arrow. Kill me."

  I waited. Looking around. No arrow? Alright.

  "I love a girl. Her name is [YN]. She's all I see when she enters a room. She shines brighter than the sun. She has the prettiest laugh, better than any song. Her voice sounds like Moonlight Sonata. Her slim fingers are playing music on my heartstrings. It's unbelievable how she makes me feel like I'm flying. All of that...

  And she doesn't even like me back."

  "Stop lying to gods. I might as well do it myself if Artemis won't shoot you."

  I whirled around, seeing [YN] standing there with a smirk on her face. Clovis swaying in and out of sleep next to her.

  I smiled a bit, blushing. I stopped when I saw her squint her eyes. Which she always did when I smiled. She strode to stand smack dab in front of me, and my confidence flew out the window. She leaned in and gave me a teasing peck on the lips. And walked off with Clovis, as if nothing happened.

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