Neverseen (Keefe)

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A/N || I reread Neverseen. And I'm officially rekt.


  The entire world now knew that the Council held dark secrets. Well, excluding the human world.

  Hiding behind the disgustingly beautiful facade of how advanced of a race elves are, the Council always had their dark secrets. The drakostomes were the worst of all. It wasn't hard for you to imagine the burden the late Councillor Kenric had to face hiding such a terrible secret.

  But now, all was solved. The plague was cured by Calla's generous sacrifice. Her Panakes was the most beautiful thing the elves and gnomes had ever set eyes on. But the Neverseen were still at large.

  You lived with Sophie at Havenfield, your parents had been part of the Neverseen. The Black Swan generously offered for you to live with them at Allevuntere, as they did with Tam and Linh, but you declined and took Sophie's offer. You also encouraged Keefe to live in Havenfield with you and Sophie, due to your massive crush on the blonde Empath.

  You didn't know Keefe as a child, you had been oblivious to the true personalities of the five friends who saved the Lost Cities until the event of Fintan's "death". Your parents revealed their alliance with the Neverseen, and attempted to kill you. But the group came to your rescue. Keefe took you under his wing and you helped him through the hardships he went through.

  His bastard of a father.

  Finding out his mother was part of the Neverseen. Though you shared his guilt, you had more of it stored within. As your parents had been part of the Neverseen a few years before you were born.

  Then finding out she was possibly dead.

  On top of that, she was the creator of the idea to make the gnomes suffer. And apparently she had been doing it all for him.

  You were with him every step of his depression...

  And now, he was gone.

  You had just gotten home from an early wake up call walk through Mysterium. Just for Sophie to look at you with all the devastation in the world cloaking her brown eyes. You stared back with your own concerned [YEC] eyes. You thought the worries were over until the Neverseen attacked, maybe for a few years you'd have a break from drama.

  You looked at her neck, a form of disgust contorting onto your face as you realized she wore the necklace Keefe made for his mother as a child. One of the beads seemed smashed.

  "Keefe.."She choked."He joined the Neverseen."

  Your immediate reaction was a laugh. But as she looked at you with all seriousness, your feelings turned into anger. There was little to no sorrow. Repressed anger. Red blurred your vision in clots. You tugged violently at your [YHL] [YHC] hair, screaming at the top of your lungs.

  Keefe Sencen, the one person who could share your feelings, was gone.

Your POV

  I was enraged. Not at Keefe. Not at myself. At her.

  "YOU!" I angrily pointed at Sophie. Her eyes widened in fear. I could hear Grady and Edaline dropping everything they were doing in the kitchen.

  "This is all your fault! If you hadn't existed, none of this would've happened! Lady Gisela wouldn't have joined Neverseen. Alvar wouldn't have been so jealous of Fitz always going out to look for you! Hell! The Neverseen wouldn't exist in the first place! So hey, do me and the rest of the world a goddamn favor and just go OFF YOURSELF. You've got lots of skills and talents. I'm pretty sure you can figure out how in that empty pretty little head of yours!"I ranted.

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