Set Fire to the Sky (Tam) | Part Two |

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  Tam pulled on his mask, the old one from Exilium. He watched his sister do the same.

  It was a sick nostalgia they never wanted to remember. The experience wasn't terrible. It was the shame their parents felt for them.

  Sophie walked over and smiled at the twins as she pulled on her own moonlark feathered mask. "Thanks for coming, you guys. You can welcome the guests for the first 10 minutes, then come enjoy yourselves."She said lowly, retreating to Fitz's side in her stunning black dress.

  Tam gave an anxious grunt and walked to the opened doors of the building. Linh examined her brother's tensed figure. She frowned, her deep blue eyes icing over as she reached up and massaged his shoulder with a soft kind hand.

  He never hid anything from his sister. Linh knew about the Pyrokinetic Tam had encountered.

  "It's okay. She'll be here...and if she tries anything, we'll take her down."Linh reassured. It didn't make him feel any better.

  Tam didn't quite understand why he felt this way. Why he didn't have the heart to turn you into the Council and cause one less problem for Sophie. You were very appealing to him. A Pyrokinetic and a Shade. Two of the most misunderstood talents out there. He didn't like to be seen as a monster. And he figured you were the same.

  You were not.

  You wanted to be seen as the monstrous rebirth of the perspectives of the elf race. To be what your mentor raised you to be. There was no hesitation in your bones. There was no fear left inside.

  Tam's POV (Aw shit man, these POVs only showed up in my first oneshot-)

  It had been about an hour into the dance. Almost everyone was here. Everyone but [YN] of course.

  I had seen her plans when I read her shadowvapor. An apprentice of Fintan. It would be reassuring to know that shadowvapor had a sense of humor.

  She was stunning when I first saw her. Her glossy [ST] skin. Her bright [YEC] eyes that complimented her [YHL] [YHC] locks. A smile that feigned innocence.

  I was unsure whether she was going to come or not. I only hoped so.

  Light suddenly peered into the room, I immediately pulled the shadows to cover my eyes from the brightness. I looked to the open doors.

  A short/tall girl stood there in a red dress with layers colored like fire. A single strap around her left shoulder. Her hair had a balefire colored hairpin. She wore her beautiful smile, the best accessory of them all. I wasn't ashamed of my emotions. My sister glanced over at me, a cocked brow on her porcelain face."Is that her?"She questioned.

  "A woman of such exotic grand taste is the one I speak of. Tell me Linh, does she appear as exquisite as I describe?"I murmured, my eyes hinting admiration.

  Linh chuckled, the back of her slim hand grazing my cheek gently."Yes brother. Remember, if she tries anything..."Her expression fell grim.

  I was amazed that she would let me go to [YN] and not follow. Linh was insecure around others about herself and her Talent. She saw herself as unstable, unpredictable, a hazard. And she would keep herself boxed in however she saw fit. Mostly by staying at my side. My sister had always been my first priority. And she always would be.

  She left, most likely to comfort herself with the presence of Sophie or Biana.

  I walked forward, remaining oddly inconspicuous. I greeted [YN] as any other guest. I took her invitation. Shook her hand, and complimented her outfit.

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