West Side Story (Fitz) :Part One:

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  Two sides.

  The Talentless and the Nobility, or Talents.

  They hated each other with such strength...


  Keefe strode about, smiling and talking to Dex. Dex used to be a Talentless, until he developed his talent and was welcomed to the Nobility side. His father was a Talentless, so the other boys didn't take too much of a liking to him. Keefe looked over at an empty ally, seeing a pair of violent blue eyes. He snarled a little, prodding Dex's ribs. Dex glanced up, his periwinkle eyes laced with confusion.

  Fintan exited the shadows, glaring at the two. Fintan wasn't necessarily a Talentless, he had Pyrokinesis. But Pyrokinesis could be taught to other elves, therefore it was not considered a talent. Simply a practice. His fingers lit with flames and he pointed them at Keefe and Dex. Dex jumped to hide behind Keefe, who only held Fintan's testing gaze.

  "Go back to where you came from."Keefe snapped.

  Fintan hissed, flicking a spark at him. "Why don't you get your pretty face out of here before I burn it off?"He threatened, taking a step forward.

  Keefe snapped his fingers and Wylie and Tam emerged from a shadow under a streetlight. Fintan stepped back and narrowed his eyes, muttering to himself. He walked back into the ally, looking down at his hands in hopes the Nobles would just walk off.

  Brant gazed at his leader as he walked by and joined him."Your sister's waiting for you back home."He said, waiting for a response or an expression.

  Fintan gave a silent nod and just clenched his hands into fists.

  As they walked out the other side of the ally to the other street, they saw Jensi. Jensi's eyes widened a little and he stuttered. They started to circle him like they were hungry sharks. They followed him down the street, whistling and cat calling him. Until they ran into a couple other Talents part of the Nobility.

  Fintan and Brant calmly turned around and walked back to where they were originally heading. But the Talents persisted. They threw custard bursts and fruits at their backs. Alvar appeared out of nowhere and caught a fruit that nearly hit Fintan's head. He flicked it back. Another custard burst shot back like a tiny comet as it bounced off a forcefield surrounding Brant. Ruy hissed from under his cloak and gave a threatening glare at Wylie.

  "This is Nobility Territory."Keefe snapped.

  Fintan threw a ball of balefire, and Linh immediately extinguished it with her own ball of water, being careful as to not flood Atlantis again.

  "Soon this'll be Neverseen territory."He barked back.

  "Oh, don't you mean, Talentless? Or rather, Useless!"Biana sneered, leaning on Keefe lovingly. He gently rolled his eyes and shouldered her off.

  Alvar smirked and vanished, reappearing next to Biana."Aw, don't be so bitter, sis."He snickered. She gasped and tried to hit him but he vanished out of sight.

  Wylie quickly shielded Biana and looked back at Dex and Tam.

  Dex threw a small ball at Ruy's feet. Ruy giggled when it did absolutely nothing. Suddenly it shot forward and wires shot out of it, wrapping around his legs and making the Psionipath topple over. Their current only line of defense was down. He rushed and slung Ruy over his shoulder. He bolted into another allyway with Brant and Alvar, the Nobility hot on their tails. Ruy shook his head and made a forcefield, making the Talents run into it. They bounced off and fell onto their bums, growling at the forcefield.

  "Good work."Fintan praised, patting Ruy's thigh.

  Ruy nodded tiredly, resting his head on Fintan's shoulderblade. Fintan picked up the pace, watching Brant throw a ball of balefire at the Talents that figured out a way around Ruy's forcefield. At the end of the ally, there were two people.


  Alvar skidded to a stop in front of Fintan."Dad?"He blurted.

  Chief Alden stood at the end of the ally with Officer Forkle (hue), waiting for the chase to halt.

  Fintan stopped, nearly dropping Ruy. Brant ran smack dab into Chief Alden, lucky the Telepath was forgiving.

  The Nobility stopped behind the four, staring at the policemen waiting for them.

  "What have we told you kids about chasing each other around Atlantis?"Officer Forkle scolded.

  Alden held up his hand, trying to hush Officer Forkle."You know you can't be running around causing such a ruckus. Now, tomorrow were holding a dance at Havenfield for you two. We want you to get along. No fighting."

  Fintan looked over at Keefe, who had the same glare as he did. They nodded and departed to their "sides" of town.


  "Come on! Just a little farther down."[YN] whined. Cami cocked a brow. She shook her head."I'm not going to put it that far. [YN]. What would Fintan say?"

  [YN] frowned and crossed her arms."Your brother already doesn't like me. The only reason I'm here is because I don't have a family to be part of the Nobility."Cami said as she smoothed out the silky [FC] fabric of the dress she sewed.

  She wanted to attend the gala being held by the Ruewens. [YN] asked her friend Cami to make her a dress. Cami was a Talent, a Guster and a Hydrokinetic. On top of that, she was dating Keefe. But she was without a family and therefore could not be considered part of the Nobility. She lived here on thin ice and was there for [YN] every step of the way.

  "Come on. I have to look good! I never get to go anywhere."[YN] argued.

  She fiddled with the dress, swaying as if it were on her. "One inch higher and they'll respect you like a lady. One inch lower and they'll think you want to play. I know those Talents. They're frisky."Cami said, watching [YN].

  She shrugged carelessly. Not listening. Not wanting to hear the wisdom she had to say.

  She pranced about the room. Moving to Atlantis from Mysterium was a big move for her. She came with Fintan, her brother, and all of his friends. The Talents didn't respect Fintan and the Neverseen. They were disrespected and loathed. Chased out of stores. Chased out of restaurants. Chased out of the streets.

  [YN] happily balanced and danced on the fence of hatred and love. She loved Talents simply because of Cami. And hated them for being so unaccepting and judgemental. When she heard about the dance the Ruewens were holding for the two groups, she was overjoyed. A chance to finally get together and put differences aside.

  And possibly meet...the one.

  How wonderful it would be! Absolutely wonderful. So wondrous...

  "Oi! You better not be sewing it too short."Fintan barked as he stepped into the room."Goddamn Talent.."He muttered.

  Cami tensed but remained quiet.

  Even in their own home the tension existed. Shameful..

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