Pixel Hearts (Dex)

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Dex stood in front of a locker that wasn't his. He held something in his hand, but hid it behind his back. He mumbled some things to himself, as if he was trying to refresh his memory multiple times.

  Your POV

I saw Dex standing in front of my locker as I walked through the halls of Foxfire. My slim fingers absentmindely began to fiddle with my family crest. He made me nervous sometimes. I could never stand staring for more than two seconds into his dreamy periwinkle blue eyes.

  He stood straight and smiled, using his free hand to muss his strawberry blonde hair around. He seemed to be hiding something..."Hey [YN]! I was just uh, wondering if you'd like to, uh um.."He stammered. I chuckled and tilted my head as I examined his face."Would you like to come with me to Slurps and Burps later today? I'd really like it if you could."Dex rushed out.

I hesitated but nodded eventually."Yeah sure. What for?"I asked with an open grin, a brow cocked with a mischievous glint in my [YEC] eyes. He stared at me with a blank face for a few seconds then gave me a very wide smile, flashing his cute deep dimples. "Well, I want to show you something new my dad helped me make."He said, licking his lips. (A/N || I bet you it's lube. Alright Imma stop before I ruin the plot of my other oneshots.)

I laughed and nodded softly."For a Technopath, you sure are a good alchemist. I guess it's just in the genes."I teased.

He ran his hand through his hair and tried his hand at a Keefe grin, it may not have worked for some people, but it sure worked for me. I giggled and watched as he dragged his tongue gingerly across his lips again. It must have become a nervous habit, I had never seen him this way before. It was quite unbelievable.

The signal for class to start went off and I quickly swiped my tongue along the DNA strip, it tasted sweet and sour, like the Sour Patch Kids Sophie brought back on a mission with Fitz once.

  I grabbed my books and ran off, leaving Dex in a seemingly crestfallen gaze.

Dex's POV

  It was amazing. How stupid and unsteady I was.

  It's just that [YN] was so unbelievably beautiful. And I couldn't believe that I felt like this at such a young age.

  Everything about her was so flawless compared to me. The way her shiny [YHL] [YHC] framed her beautiful face. And the way her stunning [YEC] hues blended with her fine skin tone and body. Her smile that erupted from her sweet pale pink lips just drove me over the edge, I swore I felt my mind want to break sometimes. I wanted to kiss them so bad...just taste how delicious she was. Probably like mallowmelt. No, even better...

  I was beyond excited. Till the end of the day, the smile never left my face. My dimples never faded..Not once. They'd always be there for her.

Time skip brought to you by Keefe
Keefe: I may or may not have been involved in the Great Gulon Incident. I'm just that complicated ladies ;D

  [YN] walked down the halls towards the Leapmasters. "Hey! Come on! Lets go, it's not gonna wait."I called to her. She stared at me for a few seconds, I swear I felt like dying.

  "Yeah alright!"

  Your POV

  When we got to Slurps and Burps, I noticed the lights were off. "How am I gonna know where I'm going Dex?"I laughed.

  His eyes seemed to have just opened, because they glowed in the dark. He took hold of my hand and pulled me to into another room. In this room, the lights were on. His face showed no embarrassment or shame of holding my hand.

  I saw six display cases. Each with small hearts clutched in a metal claw stand. They had such dull colors..

  I looked back at Dex in confusion."Why did you want to show me these?"I asked, brushing back a strand of [YHC] hair from my face.

  "They're yours."

  "But they're so...ugly..and dull."

  "You're scared of the dark, right?"

  I looked at him straight in the eyes. He better not test me. I was afraid of the dark. Just a little bit. Not knowing what was going to reach out and grab me. But what better was the light from the dark if it just revealed the demons within it? I shook my head softly then sighed.

  "Yes.."I hesitantly replied.

  Dex smiled, flashing his dimples. Such a dashing elf he was.

  He flicked the light switch off. And the dark consumed me along with the room. All I saw were Dex's eyes. Then they disappeared. I started to have a panic attack. Where was he? Where was I? My chest tightened and I wanted to cry, but all that came out were short panicked breaths. The walls were closing in, this was my end..

  "Find peace."


  "Only in peace will you find the light."

  I let go of the breath I didn't know I was holding in and flexed my fingers. I took deep calm breaths. Closing  my eyes, I hugged myself tight. Then opened  my eyes and saw the six hearts glowing bright. It was so beautiful. I felt a pair of arms wrapping around me.

  "I knew your heart was strong."

A/N || Short but hey...Undertale.

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